Speaker Stands

I have Acoustic Vienna Beethovens with spikes. I have a marble floor. I slide the speakers out when I sit to listen to them, then slide them out of the way when I'm done. Spikes scratch marble. I wanted to know if anyone knows of any thin, non-raised, flat stands, almost like amp stands, that I might set the speakers on. I thought about using flat cork tile or other materials, and putting furniture slides under them. Any suggestions where to find a suitable speaker stand or construction ideas. Thanx
Try replacing the metal spikes with Black Diamond Racing (BDR) cones with 20 - 1/4 thread inserts. These cones will sound wonderful and will not scratch your floor.
Original Audiopoints with optional APCD discs. These discs will greatly enhance the sound of your speakers when used with the Audiopoints on a hard surface such as glass tile or marble. Also enhance components sitting on wood shelves or floors.. Made of brass so they will not ring like steel. Most coherent sound is when the brass disc and brass Audiopoint are married together. It is always best to mate same materials thru-out.
I agree with The Audiotweak. Those APCD disks will allow you to use Audiopoints without damaging your floor. Brass on brass, as it should be. You'll love 'em.