Speaker Stand Recommendation for ERA Design 4

I am looking for recommendation on speaker stands preferably under $200 for ERA Design 4 mini monitors. These are my first pair of monitors and I am unsure of the height of the stands. My ear is approx 44" A.F.F. Do I want a stand that will put the tweeter just below ear level?. I would prefer a stand that is less prone to scratches and nicks, since it will be inside of a construction trailer.
Why not just mount them on the wall. I have my D4's mounted on the wall above my desk. They are designed to be wall mounted. Don't use the brackets that come with the speakers; get some real wall mounts that allow angle adjustments.
Thanks Prpixel
I am unable to mount them in my current office/ construction trailer. I would like the flexibility of stands because I do change locations fairly frequently.