Speaker Stand Recommendation

Looking for recommendations for speaker stands. Would need them to be relatively tall, say from 28 to 32 inches. I have seen stands with puny little platform that the speakers sit on and would like to see if there is anything with a larger, solid platform for the speaker. Dimensions for speaker are about 9x11. Thanks. Recommendations on where to get such a product also appreciated.
Contact Sound Anchors (www.soundanchors.com) for pricing on custom-made super heavy, solid stands w/screw-in spikes (I use 3 posts and they are plenty heavy for the monitors I place on them, two different pairs in two different systems; but you can also order 4 post stands that are even more massive). These are the best stands I have ever used, and I have used them on about 5 different kinds of speakers now. The guy at Sound Anchors may have your speaker's measurements already on file, otherwise he'll take them from you and you'll get the stands in a couple of weeks. As I recall, my 30" tall stands for Boston Acoustics monitors about the same dimensions as you give for yours cost about $400.
I'm currently using Lovan Imperial 2900 stands for my ProAc Tab 50 Sigs. They're 29" tall, and have a single slender stem support. Although the top plate is quite small the stands are very sturdy. I bought mine from Audio Advisor, but I'm not sure if they carry them anymore. Prices on a pair range from $199 to $279.

Here's a link to the Lovan website. The ones I own are like the one on the right only taller:


Good luck!
I purchased the Target HR-60 for my Dynaudio's and I am very happy with them. They are a beefy stand made from thick metal plates. They are a heavy duty stand and once they are filled with sand they are very stable. I am also experimenting with some slabs of thick dark granite as a top plate over the stand plate so that the whole bass of the speaker is supported. You can look at these at http://www.targetaudio.com/sshr.html. Unfortunately the pictures do them no justice so you will have to go by the dimensions. Sometimes they go on sale at Audio Advisor but I paid $300.00 for mine, the 28 inch HR-60. Dale
I thought Target was out of business awhile ago. Please correct me if I am wrong.
I have not heard that so I cannot verify or deny. They have a web site up still so I guess that you could go and ask them. I know that May Audio still carries their whole line. Dale
I concur with Sc53's recommendation. I have had very good luck using with Sound Anchor stands. The quality is excellent. They have dedicated stands for a wide variety of speakers, stands that work with different styles of speakers, and they will also custom make anything you need. Contact Robert through the website listed above, or by phone 321 724-1237.

Tyler Acoustics has several nice stands and you can order them to your specs. The Ref. Monitors are About 9"X10.5" so the standard top plate should be perfect.
I believe Target is out of business. Audio Advisor liquidated all their Target racks and stands months ago. Still a few places sell them at decent discounts. Worth a look.
I spent about 90 minutes last night searching the Internet for speaker stands to give my son. Try using Google to conduct a search, using the subject "speaker stands". I found about 20 listings, many of them selling both steel and wood stands that would meet your needs.