speaker stand question

Hi everyone, I just bought a pair of Castle Richmonds and so far I'm very pleased with them. They are different than any of the other small two way speakers I've had because the tweeter is on the bottom and the woofer is on top. I have them on a pair of Lovan 24" stands. This puts the tweeter below my ears when I'm sitting in front them listening. I'm thinking that they would sound better on taller stands to get the tweeter up closer to me. Does this reasoning make sense? Would there be any negative effect of having the woofer up that high? I was thinking about 28" stands. Please let me know what you guys think. thanks
Get a 4-5" tall object and put them on your spk. stand. Place your spks. on top. See how they sound to YOUR ears. If they sound perfect, that's all that matters. I would think they will sound brighter and the bottom-end/midrange would not be as warm/full sounding? Enjoy your new speakers!
I think you should follow the manufacturer's recommendation.

I once owned the previous Castle model (Isis) and have had the Richmonds in home as well.

Both are @ their best on sturdy "one piece" 28" stands. However, you can also make good use of your current stands by elevating the front of them a fraction of an inch (just change the firing angle slightly depending on the room length and your average listening distance).

The Richmonds are wonderful speakers for small/small-medium room use, IMO.
Mission 72s are identical as are many of the Mission speakers and I find not ill effects from placing on 24" stands. Of course expermintation is always best.
As long as your ear is within 6-8 inches of the tweeter output you should be fine...but the closer to ear level the better...on ave 36 inches with tweeter on top configuration...which is about the average for most floorstanders...but I would agree...28 or 31 inch stands would be a more ideal match...I believe most monitors on 24 stands...especially small ones...sit a bit too low for my tastes...but this is for very critical applications..good luck
Thanks for the comments. I'll try elevating the stands I have and try tipping the speakers up a bit before I spend any money on new stands.