Speaker Stand Help

I am looking at getting a set of stands for my CSS 1TDX speakers and have a couple options in mind.

Target MR Series

Skylan 2 Post

I have kinda ruled out Pangea as they are a bit lower quality than the Target stands but might still be an option. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Been looking at both 4 post from Pangea and a Target. The steel plate thickness for the top plate on the Target is what they use for the base in the Pangea so really paying for thicker steel it sounds like. Probably less likely to ring as well.

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I’ve owned both Skylan and Target 4-post. Both good, but I personally prefer target. I am a big fan of standmount speakers and IMO, stands are a critical part of the sound. I would definitely go for a 4-post stand. I had 2-post Skylans and they drained the bass out of the speakers. I fill mine with cat litter, which is much easier to work with than sand. Also, the way you affix the speakers to the stand makes a big difference in sound. Sound Anchors are great, but really expensive. The Pangea 4-posts look good and will probably work fine filled with cat litter or sand. In your position, I’d order them and see you they look in real life. You can always send them back if they look crappy

Timbernation makes nice quality fairly priced stuff.  All natural wood if you want that.