speaker stand height for "floor seating" usage..?

perhaps an odd question, but wanted to get some opinion for what would be a proper stand height for my home office setup, where all seating is on the floor... japanese 'tatami' style.

my loudspeakers are 14.5" in height, can anyone give me an idea what i should probably be looking at in terms of stand height for this application... a search of past discussion threads did not deliver any clues. thx in advance for any opinion or clarification, thx friends..!
Conventional wisdom about speaker height is "tweeter at ear level", however with speakers that are intended to be heard well above the floor you might get too much upper bass reinforcement from the floor if you get them too low. You're just going to have to experiment. I'd just put some books/boxes under them and adjust them until they sound smooth.
well a good rule of thumb is to have the tweeter at the same height as your ear. Look at the Maple Shade stuff, I know they have some short stands. Good luck
I wonder if in this situation one should not try the speakers upside down, with the tweeter at ear level?
Or you could always try something along the lines of this or these. Not sure how they work, but have always been intrigued with the idea. And, they're adjustable so you can experiment and point the speakers at whichever angle works best. What more, with floor-level seating, I expect these could look right fine. Just a thought.
You might want to try some of the Mapleshade stands or have somthing similar made. Go to their website and you will see what I mean.
PartsExpress has some 12" (too high?) stands here . They don't look as nice as the Mapleshade stands, but they get the job done well after mass loading them.
thx for all the responses my friends, greatly appreciated!

i will definitely do some experimenting w/ different heights once my new loudspeakers arrive (hopefully by the end of this week!) before committing to any particular product, i am thinking that a stand height of 8"-12" is going to be the appropriate application for my needs, but will try a series of heights once i have the speakers in hand, and will also explore the 'upside-down' soluton mentioned above, couldn't hurt!

thx to all who suggested the MapleShade products... after perusing their website i am truly impressed w/ the apparent build quality and refinement their products seem to display, just beautiful work. i plan on contacting them via phone tomorrow to inquire about whether they might be able to sell me some of their shorter offerings (the 10" 'Rooted Buttress' or 'Gibraltar' look like they might be a perfect option!), and it looks like the suggestion to check out their product offerings might end up costing me *even* more, as i find their 'Ultimate Maple Amp Stand' to be a beautiful and compelling solution for my tube amplifier as well! just absolutely gorgeous craft and workmanship from what i can see on their website..!

i will let everyone know what direction i end up going w/ this admittedly unconventional installation, and if anyone has more input or pointers for this need they would be very welcome as well of course!

one last thing, and *hopefully* not to go too off-topic from my initial query here in this thread, but can anyone suggest what would be proper speaker placement for my needs... this system is being built for a home office setting, the room in question is rectangular and somewhat smallish, 14' by 22' in size, and my initial plan was to have my desk (ok, my 15" high tea-table, hehe!) centered along the shorter wall, w/ my speakers off to the side, in corners of the room. would it be appropriate to have my speakers at an angle w/in the corners, or should they be facing directly inward towards my sitting location, not in the room corners but pulled forward somewhat, where they flank my left and right side? if anyone could clear up this for me i would be very thankful, i am new to the audio scene and am lacking much of what is probably considered common knowledge in these circles!

once my home office setup is finally complete i will post both my finding on the floor-seating-friendly subject in the off chance that it might help any others who might ever consider a 'zen-styled listening environ', as well as some links to photos of the resulting installation.

just would like to give thx again to all for the consistantly friendly, helpful, and above all, *non-condenscending* feedback and help w/ my newly found audio passion... it is very unusual these days to find an online community that welcome obvious "newbies" like myself w/ anything more than attitude and derision. most appreciated my friends, seriously..!