speaker stand filler follow up

Am hoping some mathematician can assist me in figuring out how much filler I need. PMKably recommended midway usa for lead shot, and they have it! Now I need to determine what guage to buy and how much. My spekaer stands are a triagular column - 20 inches high and the triangles are 4 inches on each of the three sides. Any thoughts on how many pounds of shot I will need to fill these up? Thanks for the help.

My guess will be about 56 lbs. each.
Volume is 138.56 cubic inch each
Lead density is .397 lb./cubic inch

Search out reloaders for gauge/ball size to weight for a more acurate answer to the volume I've given you.

Is 4" the interior dimension? Whatever the answer, you're going to be surprised by how much lead shot you'll need. That's why you end up mixing it with sand. To give you an idea, I bought a 25lb bag and it was less volume than a softball. So decide how heavy you want your stands to be, buy that much lead and fill in the difference with sand. Practical hint: do his in an easy to clean environment.
By my calculations, you need 140 cubic inches per stand.

The area of a triangle = base x height / 2

A 4" equilateral triangle has a height of 3.5"

4" x 3.5" = 14" / 2 = 7 sq in (area of triangle)

Multiply area x height to obtain volume:

7 x 20 = 140 cubic inches per stand

I don't know how you would convert this to pounds of shot (without knowing the specifics of the material), but it should help.

Jim D.