speaker spikes versus better bass on Lore

Got myself Tekton Design Lore just recently, before that was using Audes 037. Not because I was unhappy but just decided to try following rather impressive trails here on the subject of Lore.
What I am hearing so far with Lore is - if I don't but the spikes (came with the speakers) they sound 'boxy' or 'hollow', if I do put the spikes - the bass goes away. I have the hardwood floor (apartment), under the floor there is no foundation (no concrete), so the floor is pretty flexible.
I have not used spikes on Audes. Though those are pretty old model they sound above Lore at least as far as the lower part goes. And from Lore reviews I am thinking I am not doing something right. I am not yet into bass room treatments, I never had to install those with Audes, those gave me very well defined bass so I am thinking I may not be doing something right as far as spikes go. Would love to hear from the elders of the tribe what I can do better.
I've owned the Lores in the past. I ended up putting the spikes in the front and nothing in the back. It give a tilt that worked well for me. Try it, it might work for you also.
Also try putting the speaker closer to the wall with the spikes on and further from the wall with the spikes off.
I do not own your speakers'But using spikes with my ML Vistas' I notice a small drop in bass also'But better definition' tighter bass and better over all presenation.But I do lose some bottom end.I also have hardwood floors.The suggestion of using the spikes in rear and small feet in front works well on my ML.Raking the speaker forward makes a big difference.
Try putting something solid under the speaker. Something like a thick floor tile or cement slab (one that looks nice).
What kind of footers are you using with the spikes....I just ordered some herbies titanium puckies for my lores in medium large bedroom with Ear integrated amp. The bass is pretty good but figured my cheapie footers might not be last word in isolation so gonna experiment with Herbies and 30 day money back.

Have you considered room treatments as well?

Thanks everybody.
Going the route of trying all different scenarios at the moment - moving it around, spikes - no spikes.
The spikes came with the speakers, footers for the spikes - 3/32 thick bronze about 1/2 diameter. Considering getting the Viablue absorbing spikes to try. As Bc63 mentioned will try to put something solid under speakers, wish I would keep a nice piece of granit left over after kitchen upgrade. Strange but what works best so far is if I put speakers on a thick wool carpet with all spikes attached with no footers underneath. Oh well - in for fun...
Thanks again.
I'm having a similar problem with my lore a speakers - very little bass.