Speaker/Speaker Cable advice for Creek equip.?

I've got a Creek 5350SE/CD53 combo, and i'm shopping for speakers/cables. The room isn't very big, so I'm thinking bookshelfs; right now I'm leaning toward the Epos M12 and the Quad 12Ls. Any other suggestions would be helpful, and also speaker cable suggestions ($150 max). Thanks.
I would agree on the M12's, I had the 5350SE with the M12's and a Music Hall CD25. Great combo. Speaker cables I would look at something like Analysis Plus Oval 9, around $150-$175 used. Also, Xindak FS-1 cables are very good.

Haven't heard the Quad's.

I just got a 5350SE for my daughter. I used Analysis Plus wires (Copper Oval IC and Oval 9 speaker wires) and the Penaudio Rebel II speaker. I may just have to take it back from her! Her room is 14x17.

I am currently using a pair of Alon Petites with a Creek 4240SE int/amp. They are a very nice combination.

As far as speaker cable goes, I am using some old AudioQuest Bi-Wire. Good enough, I suppose.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA