speaker size/weight vs. power/performance

Hi folks,

I need a pair of speakers with the smallest possible size
and with the best performance and maximum power.
My resource limit is $5k.
Any suggestions/opinions?

Thanks in advance.
B&W Nautilus 805 small enough?
You could get a whole mess of Gallo nucleas micros, small and would work any where. I second the B&W 805's a super speaker for the money. For the record that was sarcasm in my first response, not that there is anything wrong with gallo's just you have a budget that can exceed there potential.
Have a listen to the JMLab Micro Utopia !
The Gershman Acoustics RX 20 Avant Gardes - go down to 24 HZ and are 36 inches high with a 12 inch footprint - great sound - retail for 4400 but you can deal on them either with JC Audio or Sound and Video. Great piano finish on them .
i second the micro utopia. for 5k get the minis used. i even like the electra 905s dealers are selling them cheap because the new models are in. you can buy the 905s for in the 1000 to 1400 dollar range new. the micros are better but alot more money. i want a pair for an extra system.
I concur, try the JM Lab Micro's or if you're lucky, buy the Mini's.