Speaker shipping help

I am looking for some help getting a set of Dunlavy IV Speakers from the Houston area to the Knoxville, TN area.  Or getting them closer and I come and pick them up at a closer location.  Any help or who to contact that does shipping would be appreciated.

Susanne Ingram
Raven Air, Inc. dba
3837 E. Wier Ave. #8
Phoenix, AZ 85040
602-305-7488 Phone 602-305-7478 Fax

You may want to try them.  They shipped some Wilson Audio Duette 2's for me from Dallas to Phoenix and it arrived in perfect condition.  
Good idea to strap them down onto a pallet, bubble warp and shrink wrap the hell out of them, so then they can fork lift them.

Cheers George 
George's advice is wise as always. Double boxed custom or factory cartons are fine as long as they're taped down with preferably metal tape onto a pallet with some protective wrap around the box to protect them, and obviously plenty of packing material around the speakers. If you're using a packing/shipping firm, some of them use 'foam in place' machines which can create custom foam mouldings which can be used alongside lots of bubble wrap as George mentioned.

Getting a local tip on a good shipping firm is essential. Forget the online reviews. Good luck!
In original boxes deliver them straight to cargo airline of your choice and than pick them up from the airport on the other end.

It's around a 14 hour drive one way.  Assuming you have a vehicle that can fit them, I'd drive.  Gas will run you $200-250, an inexpensive hotel and a reasonable dinner (and other meals) and you're around $400.  Is this comparable to the shipping options suggested?  It could be a hassle, but it solves many issues.
Thanks all.... I guess I will drive it.  Wish I could find someone coming my way