Speaker setup for HT in $2000 range

I want to spend a maximum of $2000 for my HT speakers. I would like some advice for a five speaker setup. I just bought a Denon AVR 3803 and want to use 2 channels for my outdoor speakers and five for my HT. What is out there that I should look at.
A little more info would help people help you. How big is your room? What type of speakers are you looking for? What are you goals for this system?, stuff like that.

Go with KEFs.
I had a Denon 3803 pushing KEF Q1s. Sounded fantastic.

You could buy 4 of these for 900 (225 each), get thier matching center channel for 350, and have a good 700 or so to get a real nice HT subwoofer.

Later on down the road if you want to make it a 7.1 rig just buy a another pair of Q1s

They are bookshelf size, reach down to 45hz, sound fantastic. I bought a pair of these origionally for "Interim" speakers untill i could get something else nicer. Took em home and buy the time they broke in i was planning on buying 3 more pair and thier center. Then things got bad and i had to sell my rig.

Great speakers, for the price you just cant beat em. they match perfectly with that Denon 3803.

you know, you COULD do 7.1 surround and still use a couple speakers for outdoor use. Its only a few menu selections to switch the stuff.
With a $2000 budget, I don't think it's possible to go wrong with 2 pairs of used PSB Stratus Bronze (about $700 per pair used) and a PSB Stratus center channel. I've heard the Bronze and it sounds very good for the price, and would be well suited for a home theater system.

I would go for the Paradigm Reference series. They are voiced together for HT, don't cost the earth (many different models to choose from for all budgets), and sound simply amazing. One of the best features of these speakers is that they are VERY easy to place in a room for some reason. I have heard them sound great in huge rooms and they sound great in my little one. Good luck - Arthur
My room size is 15 feet wide by 30 feet long.
I compltetly agree with the paradigm suggestion. I would definetely go that route. Reference or monitor line - they are both excellent.
I have a similar size room (16W x 27L x 10H) and I'm using Def tech BP8 front CLR2002 center B2X sides and SM350 back with a PF15 sub. Very nice results (and you could use the SM350 for your other room)
Well not the "Best" speakers, I am currently running my Denon 3803 with the Klipsch Referance 3 setup. Very easy on the Denon @ 92 to 98 db and for home theater the sound and dynamics are fantastic. Best part is I have less than 2 grand into the system WITH the receiver.....which left me some $$$ for a nice display.....just another thing to think about??
Onix Rockets: RS750's for L/R mains, RSC200 for center & RSS300 for surrounds. You can get the package for $2,100 @ av123.com. Great sounding speakers for music & HT. PSB & Paradigm are also fine choices as well.
I have just found a pair of B & W 805s with a HTM2 center channel for $2100. Does anyone think this setup would be sonically superior to what others are suggesting?
The 805s would be better, but you'll still need rears and a subwoofer, so it's not an even comparison in terms of price.
I was thinking of not using rears with this setup. You are right on the subwoofer so I am already out of budget. Maybe I should increase my budget to $3000 to make it all work. Is it worth the extra money?
Only you can answer that, listen and you'll know. Lots of people are happy with a simple 2.1 setup for HT and you can always add rears down the road.
I like the idea of 3.1 and then getting the rear speakers later. I'm planning on doing something very similar next.

just my 2c

I use B&W DM603 S3 which are floor standing 2.5 way full range speakers, a B&W ASW600 10" sub, and some old Bang and Olfsen bookshelf's for the rears. I am running a Marantz 7300OSE receiver for a reference point... probably fairly close to your 3803.

For $2000 you can have the same floor standers, the same sub, and their larger LCR600 S3 center (The missing piece in my own HT setup which I am looking at getting next) You will be missing the rears but like others have said you can add them later.

Although most on this forum think that B&W (at this price point) is mid-fi (which it is) I am happy with the sound and I am still in the build stage at the moment and would honestly rather spend $10k on the car than on the home theater setup so hence the B&W's.

For bang for the buck I like these speakers allot and they do really well for home theater. Dynamics are great and they play cleanly up to an beyond the point at which my wife tells me to turn down the volume.

My $.02
I agree that B & W is not the "best" out there. It is pretty good though and I am very impressed with the 805s. I want to spend a maximum of $4000 on the whole system so I like your thoughts. What do you think of the B & W sub?
The sub is very nice and it seems well built. I was looking at a sub in the $500 range. I looked at velodyne, Def Tech, B&W, Paradigm and a few other brands at the local store I cannot rememer. I ended up with the B&W for a number of reasons.
1. The Paradigm PS1000 was too boomy for my taste. For HT that may be fine but if you want to listen to music at all (which I like to do about 30-40% of the time) Lots of grunt but it was a larger box than I want to deal with. I also think it had spring clip high level input which I think is tacky. (Even if I don't use them)

2. The Def Tech (PS-100 I think) sounded OK and the box was small but it felt cheeply made and the box was light as a feather IMHO. I want a sub to feel solid, like a tank.

3. The Velodyne was a slot loaded 10 (not sure of the model #) which sounded boomy like the Paradigm.

I went to a different shop and listened to the B&W ASW600 and the bass was much tighter and punchy w/o the boom and the flap I felt I hear with the other subs. The box is STOUT like all B&W enclosurs and it is a sealed unit which I have always been partial to from my car audio days. It may not have been as loud or had the *whump* of the others but I think it is a good mix of power and control. There is a larger 12" sub that goes for $700ish. It has all the qualities of the 600 but with greater output, unfortunately the wife gave that the line item veto.

My brother has a REL which I think trumps the ASW in all departments, and it is tiny. But I also think he paid $1500ish for it so it was a little out of my range:-)

Good Luck.
Your detailed response is very appreciated. I liked the "wife gave the line item veto" part best because I sure understand that. Thanks again.