Speaker Sensitivity AND Power Requirements

Hi all, I'm considering purchasing a pair of heavily discounted Wharfedale Denton Bookshelf speakers from Music Direct. They are 86 sensitivity. This is for my man cave system the center of which is a vintage Yamaha Cr420 receiver which has a 22 watts per channel power rating.  Would this be a decent match? 22 watts enough?  Thanks in advance.
lak, please elaborate as I have never owned Klipsch. Thanks.
+1 stevecham FWIW I have found that the more power and reserve you provide your speakers the better they perform (without blowing them out of course). There are exceptions to this rule, but in your case I doubt the exceptions apply. If it was me I would want 100W/channel to get everything those Denton speakers have to offer. Don't max the volume and you should be fine.  
Thanks for all the replies. Going to pass for now.
Ok guys, there has been a  development so if we could re visit this. I made a bid on Evil Bay on the Yamaha integrated amp I used to have back in the day. It's the CA-810 and has significantly more power than the CR-420. Somewhere around 40 per side more.  I didn't expect to win this bid and frankly was not going to be upset if I didn't get it but there was no bidding war and mine help up. It also included the matching tuner. So am revisiting the idea of going to better stand mounters like the Wharfedale Dentons. Any more choices no more than around 500 bucks per pair? Once again this is for my man cave system that is mainly for background music while I work.  Thanks again.