Speaker selector box. Are there any worth using?

So I have a system in one room but there are two rooms where I’d like to listen and while I have a second pair of speakers, I don’t wish to buy 2nd system. Years ago on a totally different system, I had a speaker selector box that I used to switch listening rooms. That selector box is long gone and I don’t ever see people talking about using such boxes these days. 

I know one option is just to plug and unplug the speakers whenever I want to switch listening rooms, but damn it, I want the convenience of just pressing a button. Plus, the wear on the banana plugs in the back of the amp over time might add up. 

So is there a good speaker selector box I should pick up? Both pairs of speakers I’d be using are 8 ohms if that matters. 
I had one years ago, I think it was made by Niles.  Worked fine with an NAD amplifier.  Back then, though, I was using zip cord for speaker wire, and that was about all the Niles would take,.
Speaker selector boxes put one more switch between your amp and the speakers. Even when new, that's one more spot to add a bit of resistance to the wire run between the amp and speakers, and time will not help things. 

That said, years ago built-in speaker selector switches were standard issue on most amps with few complaints. Whether it is a theoretical issue or one that you can actually hear depends on the quality of your hearing combined with your level of audio nevorsa.
I only use a Parts Exprsss 6 way outside. It's great for me. For you?
Three or four months ago, I bought the "TC-7220 2-Way Amplifier Speaker Selector Switch Switcher Comparator Crossover Router" on Amazon. Haven't dared use it after re-reading the manual of my vintage (ca 2000) Krell FPB amp which says the amp will likely be damaged if connected to a speaker selector. (Krells, for all their weight and heft, are delicate little flowers in some regards — the FPBs also may not be hooked up to any tube preamps without first being modified by a dealer. Kinda ridiculous.)

Anyway, now I wonder if there are any other high-current power amps too that will melt down or blow up if you run them into a speaker selector box. Not sure I want to find out, at least not the hard way. Now the TC-7220 is sitting sad and neglected on a shelf.

Thanks for starting this discussion, I'll be following it closely for additional wisdom.