Speaker selector app.

I wish someone made an app to help select speakers.
Here's what I want:
Full range with a silky but extended and detailed top end. No mid-range harshness. Sound good at low levels and be able to play classical music at concert levels. Good sound stage and depth. Bass down to 20hz for pipe organ music. What more could I want? Around $6000. Any ideas?
GoldenEar Triton 1r - Highly regarded and positively reviewed, extends to 13 Hz with built in 1600 watt sub amps, easy to drive (92 spl), great midrange and treble, and affordable at $6,000 a pair.
The app should have a footnote*

*Unless you have deep pockets, and a LARGE dedicated listening space, allowing tested and determined speaker placement, seeking extended bass is unadvisable!
Good suggestions here. If you have some hifi shops near you, it might be worth listening to things in the 9-14k range, find a couple of models you like and then look in the used market. 6k new your options will be limited. 
I had Triton 2s but in my room the midrange had that cupped hands sound. The sub section only had level control too.
Doubt u will find one. Get a Niles speakers selector with volume control. I have one. It works