speaker selector

I have a pair of tannoy mx2 speakers and a pair of Kef Cresta speakers and am starting to explore whether or not to purchase a speaker selector. Could anyone let me know how the speaker selectors operate, what brands to look at and whether or not these selectors will prevent the loss of power I seem to experience when I play both sets of speakers through my A and B channels. I have a Marantz sr-48 receiver.

The selectors are simply switches, some with impedance protection, but none can add power to the situation. Using A+B puts the two sets in parallel on most receivers and yours might not be able to put sufficient power out into the now lower load impedance. What is the impedance of the two speakers and what is the rated output of the Marantz into the paralleled load?
Hi mscott62...the selector that I was refering to in the other thread was made by Niles Audio and does have the impedence protection mentioned above (I believe they have models with and without). I got one for my aunt who wanted to hook up three pairs in a similar fashion. Like the above post mentions...the specific specs of your speakers and receiver will matter. As Kr4 mentioned, you should post them here. Someone is bound to know whether or not your combo will work.
The impedance on both sets of speakers is 8 ohms

The rated output of the receiver is 8ohms/50w per channel
FTC 50 x 2 output power.

Is this the information you wanted?


Michael Scott