Speaker Selection Help

I'm on a $2200 budget set by my wife to upgrade my front left/right/center speakers. My room is approximately 2500sq ft. with hardwood floors. I'm using a marantz sr7007 currently with no amp. I'm saving an extra $1000 or so for a sub upgrade as well. I'm currently using polk audio rm8s as my surrounds in my 5.1 setup because my wife likes the small speaker look behind the couch. I dont mind upgrading them but they would need to be small if a suggestion is posted.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
That is a huge room!
I'm assuming you mean 250 sq ft, not 2,500.

Check the Salk SongTowers which are about $2,200 with shipping. Keep your current center until you are ready to buy a matching Song Center.

I think this is about the best bang for the buck in your price range.
You are in a typical hopeless situation, that being the wife is in control of you listen life. Then there is the size of your room, another hopeless condition on the budget you have, especially considering the additional funds that would be needed to provide room treatments. My advice? Forget speakers, just get a good pair of headphones and maybe a headphone amp. Any money left over should be turned over to the wife to be used on her shoe wardrobe. The bonus of my suggested solution is that the benefits of martial bliss will flow to you, and do so quickly.
Dunlavy SC-IVs are in that price range and would be awesome in your big room!
I agree with Tboone, that is a huge room, and if it were square,
the dimensions would be 50 X 50. Did you mean 2500 cubic feet?
It might be best to clarify with the dimensions.
+1 Buconero, One of the most useful marital retorts is keeping track of exactly how many pairs of black shoes in your wife's inventory.

Be warned though, use this sparingly. I went overboard and she culled through her collection which made room for updates.
Consider upgrading the wife first, then the speakers :)
For OP,
I have Wavetouch Grand Teton (GT) speakers. GT speaker is well in your budget. GT are small stand mount speakers which your wife likes! It’s very loud at 94db and really musical that you don’t need a separate 2ch set up. A pair of GT speakers were too loud in a big hall (22’ x 35’x 15’h) without a sub.

I am using GT speakers for front LCR and small cheap no name speakers for 2 rears. I have a Marantz SR8500, OPPO BDP-95, Wavetouch GT speakers, Velodyne CT-120. I am very happy with HT and 2 ch. Sound. I sold all my hi-end gears. I don’t look back and no plan to upgrade. The receiver and GT speaker sound better than any hi-end set up I had for last 20 years. I don’t turn off music. I just lower the volume at night. No family member has complained last 3 weeks.