Speaker Selection

I recently have narrowed my speaker selection down to the following four choices; Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus, Thiel CS-2.4, Devore Fidelity Gibbon 8 and Zu Audio Druid.

The last two contenders are based upon reviews and discussion forum comments only, as I have never had the pleasure of an audition.

I really enjoyed options 1 and 2 above, and would likely be happy with either selection. I was not able to listen to these two options side by side for an A/B test.

I value the opinions rendered here on Agon and I am seeking advice as to the above choices. If you a have definite opinion, please put it to words along with your reasoning including whether you have actually heard the option you selected.
Sonius are very goood. Also look at the Coincident Super Eclipse III. As good as anything in the 10k Range. Peter
I've heard the Sonus model and thought it was a superb sounding speaker -- very engaging, dynamic, and just plain musical and fun. Haven't heard the others. A word of personal experience, though: Buying speakers based solely on reviews (even on Audiogon) is risky if they are not a widely known brand and easy to resell. Go with what you know is usually the name of the game.
The four speakers on your shortlist, although all good, have very different qualities and each would "match" different with whatever system you have. So my recommendation would be careful system matching based on your amplification... and the characteristics of your current system.
I have never heard the Druids, but have only heard amazing things. I do own the Zu's Definition 1.5 which are the Druid's big brother. Similar in many ways, I'm told. The Durid's incredible efficiency of 101db will allow you to consider SET, which is lovely. I believe Zu is the only one on your list that offers a moneyback guarantee. And that's for 60 days. Service to die for, and the nicest guys (the Zumen) you'll ever talk to. Cobra213, an Audiogon member owns the Druids and the Definitions. Give him a buzz--he'll set you free....warren
Warrenh is wrong here. Actually the Druids higher impedance (12ohms) makes them a little less compatible with SET amplifiers than the Definitions. OTL, push pull, and solid state amps work better with the Druids.