Speaker selection?

Please can I get some help? I'm looking to buy speakers and a new integrated amp. I'm mostly going to use my new setup for movies and some music. I want to keep it strictly to 2 channel. The room is about 20X15. The only problem is that the way I have my RPTV setup there is very limited room for floorstanding speakers unless they have a really small footprint. I was leaning towards the VMPS 626R. I do not need blow your head off volume or earth shaking bass. I just want something that sounds extremely clear and detailed that sounds great with movie soundtracks. Again...I don't need extreme sound levels. I was wondering if the 626Rs could just be mounted on top of my RPTV or if that is a real no no. Like I mentioned before space is at a real premium. Also could anyone recommend a good amp for this setup? I'd prefer to go integrated tube or integrated hybrid and my price range is about $1,500 for the amp. Also, is there any issues with the 626R in a smoking environment?


I use Tannoy Mx-4's for my R/L in a total Tannoy Mx suround system. Small footprint, terrific sound, well made and inexpensive.
A friend of mine just bought a pair of the new Magneplanar (planar magnetic) speakers that mount on the wall. They sound fantastic and look way cool. The magneplanars are great for movies because they have a surrond like sound do to forward and back radiation. They are not power hungry either so you won't have to spend a ton on the integrated.
I concur with respect to the Tannoys.
You might want to check out the Omega speaker line.
These would also be an excellent choice. small yet as musical as any and affordable.