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I recently listed my Tyler Acoustics for sale with the “buy now option” but had checked the box stating that shipping costs would be assessed after the sale, since I didn’t know how much to charge for shipping because I didn’t know where they’d ship to. I also stated this is my ad.  
Well, a gentleman bought them and he paid me an extra $100 without talking to me about shipping costs, but shipping these to his location is $300 via fed ex...  I sold the speakers at a low price of $699 and can’t justify $300 in shipping.  What do I do?

Also, Is it normally around $50 to sell something on Audiogon?  I paid all of my listing fees upfront ($30) and then Audiogon took another $20 when the item sold as a transaction fee, and on top of that, it looks like I still owe Audiogon $20... 

When you list you have 2 options. Pay now the fee is 2% of the asking price. Pay later is a $5.00 fee plus 3.5% of the final sale. When you ship speakers you have to put in the weight , dimensions and value times two. The shipping price will be calculated. You should get in touch with the buyer and inform him/her that the shipping price is not correct!
@b_limo send me an email to support@audiogon.com, Attention: Tammy and I'll look and make sure you were charged the correct fees. 
Tammy will take care of you,  she has always been fair and honest with me.   Also,  I would send the buyer an invoice for the difference.  If they back out,  Tammy will help you relist your speakers.  
+1, yogiboy.


If buyer is unable to pay your actual shipping cost then refund his money and re-list the item. I do find $300 bit excessive on speakers weighing only 40lbs x 2. Next time when you list any heavy items, check shipping option box ‘Specified after purchase’ not get cost.

Just looked at your listing and I got $59.45 shipping cost. Good luck with your sale!
I buy and sell and ship weekly and can estimate within a few bucks of the actual shipping costs.

Unless these are being sent overseas, no way $300 is the cost to ship these?

Maybe recalculate them.
Tammy helped first thing this morning explaining the fees! Thanks Tammy.

The buyer was the easiest buyer I’ve had, and is responsive; I hate that this is happening.

usps wants $200 + possibly a bit more. 2 boxes, each weighing 50lbs, and rather large, and the buyer is all the way across the us...

I offered to eat $60 in shipping.  We’ll see what the buyer decides.
@b_limo...USPS is great for shipping records (Media Mail), but awful expensive for larger, heavier items.

If you will post the dimensions of the boxes and the weight, ( and your zip code and his) I can get into my FEDEX account and see how much they actually are. I get a discount, but going straight through FEDEX wouldn’t be a whole lot more.
Thanks to all who replied!  Both Tammy and the Buyer were fantastic 👍

Shipping dimensions were 15x19x29.  50lbs.  Times 2 boxes.  Going from 80918 to 04861.  Fed ex was $280-$300.  UPS was $260-$270.  USPS was $224. I went with USPS.  Buyer paid $160 shipping (essentially), i picked up $64.

Anyhow, speakers were just dropped off at USPS and I’m glad they are going to a good home.  The buyer just purchased them, asked zero questions and sent an e-mail after the purchase saying Thank You, and that he is a fan of Tyler Acoustics.  The $ was in my bank 30 mins after the transaction.  He also had no issue sending more money when shipping was found out.

Kudos to this Buyer, Tammy, and Audiogon!  To have the buy now option, wake up in the morning and see your item sold and $ in the bank 30 mins later... excellent!!

@b_limo...I just calculated those out on my FEDEX account and both boxes insured for $500 each going from 80918 to 04861 with the dimensions you listed and weighing 50 pounds each was $142.90 total.

I live in Northern Colorado and would have been more than happy to let you use my FEDEX account number. You could have just sent me a check to cover the cost.

Next time, if you need, please let me help.

Glad you got it worked out!

thank you, I think? Lol

i will take you up on it next time brother.  Would have saved me $80.  Or me $40 and you $40 and we take our significant others out for dinner.

thanks though, I seriously will take you up on that :-) 
@b_limo get your own FedEx account here:

Should you ever need to use FedEx in the future. You can even schedule a pick up right from you home or ship freight if needed. Their fees are half the retail fees that the UPS or FexEx "stores" charge and always lower than FexEx/UPS online prices as well.

let us know how usps did... time, damage, etc. 

i pretty much try to stick with fed ex ground, insured, signature required.  

Expensive but reliable.... and you can usually go to their rate tables and good a good estimate of the cost. 
-fed ex acct saves about 30 percent on average.
-using usaudiomart instead of audiogon saves 100 percent
-I have sold an oppo 203, hh scott receiver, audible illusions
 preamp and a cary amp in short order on usadio over the past
 18 months. 
my motto-shop audiogon/sell usaudio


You're a true gentleman and a 'knight in shining armor' to make your offer. +1, ^5's! 
It's good to know that we keep company with you.  AG and the greater planet is a better place to be for your generosity.

Have a pleasant weekend....*S*
It was brought to my attention that in my last post, it looks like I would overcharge someone for shipping and pocket the $.  
Just for the record, I sold my Tyler Acoustic D3MX’s with upgraded $110 Morel Cat 3 Tweeters for $699.  These speakers sell for anywhere between $1000-$1400 used.

After selling my speakers for $699 to an incredible buyer, I decided to eat an additional $70 in shipping.

Oh and to add, I think that next time, I’ll just do a “flat fee” for shipping and I will open a Fed Ex account in order to save on shipping.

I think it may make the transaction smoother if I do a flat fee. For instance, I could have just done a flat rate of $150 for these; I’d take a gamble on whether I’d lose or make an additional $50 but for me, when selling something for $700 + I don’t mind contributing $50 to make a smooth sale happen and end up with a happy buyer and seller!

Jennerl....I tried to contact the shipping company you suggested:
I had trouble getting through to customer service, and when I asked about their shipping service, the phone was disconnected abruptly.

Have you used them?
Here's a tip or two for selling here or on Ebay...don't charge for Paypal as that just seems lame (and anti business) and simply list whatever it is for enough to cover your costs...I estimate shipping to cover "CONUS" only and just have it as a flat shipping/packing fee for simplification regardless of where it's going...if you lose a few bucks or gain a few nobody cares. Over the years UPS has smashed and lost things, as well as FEDEX and USPS so you have to pack stuff well! In the case of UPS losing an amp (A tube Marshall combo amp "disappeared" from a midwest facility), that's what insurance is for...note they didn't refund the shipping fee! Man...
UPS just lowered their "Heavy Package" Fee from 70lbs to 50lbs this year.
Just that alone adds another 24-25 bucksish per package.Then there is the Dimensions Fee.I believe all carriers lowered their Heavy Package Weights .So now Less means More for them!