Speaker's Corner.....Best of the Best ?

I would love to hear from those of you that know the Speaker's Corner line of Lp's intimately.
What do you consider to be in their top 5-10 LPs (the best of the best - to be missed).
I am concerned with both performance and sound quality.
Well, I own lots from them and honestly, I think, most are disappointing, when I compare them to the Originals or to those from Classic Records.
Some of the better ones:
Espana! Argenta
Grieg: Peer Gynt
Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker
Bruch: Scottish Fantasia/Hindemith: Violin Concertos
My favorite is Supertramp's Crime of the Century. One of the best pressings I have heard, which includes the standard MOFI, and the UHQR. Truly a great record and a great pressing.
Thanks for the input. What do you (or anyone else, please chime in) consider to be the best of the best of Classic Records catalogue.
Their anthology (now, sadly, out of print) called "the best of the best of classic records." It truly was.
Larry (Cello), are you interested in any particular genre of music when you ask about the Speakers Corner reissues?

For classical, the Decca reissues are a little hit or miss. They are of overall of good quality, but a lot of them are not "outstanding." The Mercuries are pretty uniformly outstanding.

Of the Decca reissues, I agree with ThomasHeisig's recommendations, and I alos very much like:

Albeniz, Suite Espanola, SXL 6355
*Britten, Peter Grimes: Four Sea Interludes, SXL 2189
Debussy, Images pour orchestra, CS 6013
Falla, Three Cornered Hat, SXL 2296
Herold - Lanchberry, La Fille Mal Gardee, SXL 2313-45 (45rpm issue, not the 33rpm)
*Kodaly, Hary Janos Suite / Galanta Dances, SXL 6136
*Mendelssohn, Hebrides Overture (Fingal's Cave), SXL 2246-45 (45rpm version - whether one will like this is system dependent, many reviewers didn't like it, but on a well set up system, it is superb and demonstration quality)
Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf, SXL 2218
Rimsky-Korsakov, The Tale of the Tsar Saltan Suite, SXL 2221
*Rossini, Overtures: various, SXL 2266
*Shostakovich/Borodin, String Quartets, SXL 6036

The Mercury reissues are all incredibly good. I've particularly liked the following:

*Bach, 6 Solo Cello Suites/Starker, SR3-9016
*Brahms, Sonatas for Cello and Piano/Starker, SR 90392
Marcel Dupre Organ Recital, SR 90169
Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition: -pf version/Byron Janis, SR 90217
Prokofiev, Romeo & Juliet: Suites 1 & 2, SR 90315
Respighi, Ancient Airs & Dances, SR 90199
*Schoenberg, Five Pieces for Orchestra, SR 90316
*Schuller, Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee, SR 90282

I haven't heard the Copland/Appalachian Spring LP, but reports from others indicate this is very well done, too.

I've asterisked (*) the ones that I think are sonically outstanding and not to be missed. All of the ones I've listed I'd recommend if the music appeals.

In other genre, the Verve "Ella and Louis" is excellent, and they did a very good job with the Impulse "John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman" reissue. And, they did a very nice job remastering the varous Ella Fitzgerald "Songbook" recordings. I've also enjoyed my copy of "Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster."

If I were only going to pick 5 classical titles, I'd focus on the ones I asterisked.

Hope this helps,
Of the Classic Records reissues, I find most of the 33rpm RCA releases hard and bright sounding (in their own right and not by comparison to what an original sounds like). They have great clarity, dynamics and frequency extension, but many will peel paint from the walls at 10 paces. When Bernie Grundman switched to a tube mastering chain, things improved. And, every 45rpm reissue significantly improves on the 33rpm. Records I found unlistenable in their 33rpm incarnation sound wonderful in their 45rpm re-birth (examples: Sibelius Finlandia by Mackerras; Shostakovich Age of Gold Ballet Suite). I've found all the 45rpm issues consistently very worthwhile.

Of the six Mercury reissues Classic Records released, I think the Stravinsky Firebird is outstanding and the 45rpm version of this is simply mind boggling on a system that can reproduce it. (I have heard it sound horrible on some systems, but that's the system not the LP.) I also thought the Prokofiev Scythian Suite was well done, particularly the 45. The other Classic Records Mercury reissues disappointed me.
What do you (or anyone else, please chime in) consider to be the best of the best of Classic Records catalogue.
Brubeck, Dave Time Out
Ballet Music From The Opera
Beethoven Violin Concerto
Brahms Violin Concerto
Bruch Scottish Fantasy - Heifetz
Chabrier Espana
Offenbach Gaite Parisienne
Overture ! Overture The Crown Diamonds
Respighi Pines Of Rome
Rimsky - Korsakoff Scheherazade
Strauss, Johann Jr. Waltzes
The Royal Ballet Gala Performances
Tschaikovsky Violin Concerto
Venice The Tales Of Hoffmann
Walton Facade Suite
Great recommendations....Thanks for taking all of the time to put all of it in writing.
It's greatly appreciated. I will be diving in and start picking some of your recommendations.
Thanks / Regards,
Sorry, I missed answering your question. My main focus is Classical, followed by Jazz and Classic Rock.
My original post was directed towards finding outstanding recordings/performance with a lean towards Classical music (Orchestral, Concertos, Recitals, and Chamber).
Thomasheisig, you have presented a nice selection of the better classical reissues from Classic Records. I would add:

Adam, Giselle
Rozsa, Violin Concerto/Heifitz
Elgar, Enigma Vatiations/Monteux
Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition/Reiner
Sibelius, Symphony 2/Monteux
Sibelius, Finlandia/Mackerras (only the 45rpm)
Shostakovich, Age of Gold Ballet Suite (only the 45rpm)
Stravinsky, Song of a Nightingale/Reiner (on same LP with the Prokofiev Lt Kije)

As I mentioned earlier, the 45rpm version of any of the Classic Records reissues will be sonically superior to the 33rpm version.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience and pass along your recommendations.
Strongly have to disagree with thomasheisig: I have bought more than 10 Speakers Corner and the same amount of Classic records in the last two years. Whereas I am content with the Classic records vinyls overall, two of ten had slight production faults, whereas from Speakers Corner all ten records were perfect - production and sound and artistic quality. Examples for perfect SC-records: Paul Desmond/Take ten, all Nina Simone reissues, Billy Holliday/Lady sings the blues, Johnny Hodges& Billy Strayhorn etc. etc.
Florian Hassel
I suspect Thomasheisig was commenting more about the clarity and transparency of the mastering on some of the Speakers Corner Decca reissues (which was somewhat variable), not the pressing quality (which was consistently very high).
Yes, Rushton, that is true. Thank you.
it is the only reissue label, where a combination of 'good quiet vinyl' and reverence to the original recording seem to be the rule and not the exception....i would recommend their Wes Montgomery and Joan Armatrading releases, which were originally on A&M.......