Speaker replacement advice

Hello all. I am presently considering selling a pair of Dunlavy SC-Vs that I have owned for 2 years. I love the Vs but wish to consolidate to one system as I have 2 in different rooms of the house. Unfortunately, the Vs are not aesthetically suited for the new room in question. For those of you out there who are familiar with/heard Dunlavy speakers, I am hoping that you may be able to give some suggestions as to what I may consider that will perform as the large Dunlay line and not be as big.


Hi Isgau8.I am a former dunlavy 4 owner and I can tell you it would be very hard to beat the dunlavy within the price range..however I get to listen to my friend tyler acoustic woodmeers and was very impressed,but those are not small either..sorry..
castle howard.....not acoustic suspension, but well rounded and great with all kinds of music. one of the best cabinets in audio too......real bass also
SC-V's were a popular mastering monitor. You might want to check out this review


To summarize, the review says ATC 300's have an advantage in dynamics and SPL levels; rockers liked ATC's more. The review gave DAL SC-V the edge with classical engineers/listeners. Both are highly regarded for studio monitoring.

This is only a suggestion, but a smaller ATC, such as the tower version of the 50's, might fit your new room much better and still keep up with what you are used to from DAL SC-V's (accuracy, dynamics and volume levels) although you may lose some of the ultra LF. It might be worth a listening session to compare.

Another possibility might be PMC's. I think you will get more bass extension from the TL design than ATC's. You might find this to be closer to DAL SC-V's in the ultra LF bass...then again you may like the tighter less bass heavy ATC's...all a matter of taste.