Speaker replace Mani-2 Sig.

I am "considering" replacing my Mani-2's if the "right" speaker comes along. The criteria is this...
Must best the Mani
Must be around $4,000.00 Retail Brand new/not buying used
Must excel at Classical Music although I do listen to all genres
Must be efficient so I can pair with Tube
Must be small and aesthetically pleasing (tower or bookshelf)

If I can find a speaker that meets this criteria and demo it, and like it better, I will buy it. Just don’t know where to start.
good luck. I don't know another speaker for the price that will give you what the mani-2 gives you for that size of a speaker. I do see you want to go with tubes. Since the mani-2 needs power (and lots of it), it wouldn't work well with a low power tube amp. The forest is similar in sound and easier to drive than the mani's.
Best wishes on the search. I tried that and ended up buying another pair of Mani-2 Signatures.
I found that my Mani-2 (non-signature) limited my choice of amplifiers, therefore, I switched to a pair of Merlin TSM-MM with a REL subwoofer. I now run with tubes and have never looked back.
Thanks guys, you just reconfirmed my suspicion. I just really want to go with tubes, oh well.
another alternative that i used before going to the mani-2's was using a pair of totem model 1's with a rel strata III sub. you don't need the power that the mani's need but you still need a very good amp. a BAT or mcintosh tube amp with the model 1's/rel combo and you will have a very sweet sounding setup.
the castle howard....an almost perfect speaker