Speaker repairer - NY area

I have a old pal in Westchester area, NY.
He was hoping to resurrect a pr of old Snell Type 1s, however the woofer surrounds need some attention after all this time, re-gluing, etc.

Can anyone recommend a good repairer in NY?

Many Thanks in advance.
Hi Spock15

If you don't mind the drive to Douglaston Queens check out Scott Gramlich from SG Custom Sounds. He has did great work on my KEF 104/2s years ago and I've been happy ever since.

Here is the info I have.

Try Audio Classics in Vestal (outside Binghamton). They do excellent work and should be able to repair those.
NY is a pretty big area. Consider Miller Sound in Lansdale, PA.
I second MillerSound, worth the trip.
I'll third MillerSound. Bill LeGall does great work.
I also think Millersound is a excellent choice;give Bill a call and have a conversation with him;well worth the time.
simply speakers order kit directions do it yourselfstude
Thanks to all.
Will pass on advice.

Cheers, Owen
you can do it yourself, i can do it or miller sound is the expert
I also recommend Scott Gramlich from Douglaston Queens
Done many myself, it's very simple. Time consuming if you want it done right.