speaker repair

I have 25 year old Wilson X-1 Series 1 speakers. The speakers still are great but the rubber on all the speakers are degrading. Does anyone know of a speaker repair facility in the metro NYC area. It would have to be a facility that would either repair the speakers at my house or that would remove all the woofers to be repaired at their facility then returned and remounted. Each Series 1 is about 600 ibs which is why the whole speaker cannot be removed.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Wow, you would think Wilson would have used better materials. Did you have them in the sun? Call the people at Parts Express. They are closely related to Dayton
and I do believe they have a driver remanufacturing program. Also, why not call Wilson and give them hell.  speakers that expensive should last a lifetime.
... call Wilson and give them hell.
Giving a manufacturer hell is not a wise approach if you expect good service in return. That's especially true when seeking support on a 25-year-old product, regardless of the price originally paid for it.
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Thanks for all yoiu help...Miller soiund looks like the right place.
Considering their replacement cost, I have always thought that used Wilson Watt/Puppy combos are a bargain. After reading this post, I'm re-thinking that position. I have re-coned speakers in the past but I would look for professional help with speakers at this level.
Cleeds that is just a manner of speech but you are right it would have been more appropriate to say, "and express disappointment." No owner who spent that much on loudspeakers is going to be happy that they disintegrated. I have two pair of cheap Mirage loudspeakers in my workshop exposed to dust, alcohol vapor, Lacquer vapor and crazy amounts of very loud noise. They are 31 years old and perfectly healthy.
If I had a pair of Wilsons that did that I would be mad as hell but I would treat the manufacturer politely until they told me they would or could do nothing about it. Then I would fix the speakers myself and sell them for whatever I could get and I would tell the new owner what had happed. Then I would never go near another set of Wilsons and if someone asked me what I thought of them I would tell them the story. I had a similar situation with a Krell preamp. Dan himself told me to go to Radio Shack and buy a pot to wire to the unit from the outside! He no longer stocked the micro pot he used which was a custom design. I will never purchase another product from him not to mention that I want to buy the best sound not the best jewelry.   
If the speakers used foam surrounds, they deteriorate and dry out. Rubber surrounds do last much longer. 25 years IS a long time in any case, and the X-1's are an older design as well. I am not defending Wilson, but if you were listening to them on a regular basis all these years, you got a decent return on your investment. Either upgrade, or find someone that can refoam the drivers for you. Unfortunately the speakers are very heavy so you would have to remove the cones, snip the wires, and send them off. re-installing them the same way with some silver solder. 
Almost any foam surround is subject to deterioration with age, particularly if exposed to strong light or if the air has high levels of ozone (location in a city).  Rubber lasts longer, but rubber will eventually harden.  The longest lasting surrounds are old school designs with pleated paper or fabric surrounds.  I also happen to like the sound of speakers with these types of surround even though they restrict excursion so that they typically do not allow for reproduction of very deep and powerful bass.
Miller Sound in Lansdale, Pa. does excellent work on speakers.  Bill is a very honest person and will do exactly just what you need. tel:  215-412-7700
Just had my small woofers repaired by Gabriel Sound in Pequannock NJ. They did a terrifac job. The Grand slams sound like new. If you are looking for a high end repair service in the metro NY area they are a real find.