Speaker recommendations wanted for Quicksilver M135 amplifiers

Hello All!

I just acquired a pair of Quicksilver M135 amplifiers and line preamplifier. I wasn’t in the market, but they came to me in a trade. I am wanting everyone’s recommendations on speakers new/used under $5000. Room is 16x22, however I listen from about 7 feet away. Music preference is jazz and some light classic rock.

My current system consist of a McIntosh 240, Fisher CX-2, and Triangle Comete 40th anniversary speakers. 
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@thermionicemission Rob, your current TC Anniversary shows 8ohm nominal impedance and 90db, how about trying those first?  You mentioned listening 7' away, might be worth a first try, see how it goes, 'eh?

I am quite envious--those are great amplifiers. I heard them years ago at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ. Reach out to them for advice. My guess is almost anything. My first try would be used Magnepan 3.7i. My second try would be the best used Vandersteen that I could find.

If you want to keep with something like your Triangle monitors, I recommend you take a look at the Revival Audio Atalante 3 monitors. They also have a new line out (just recently) so maybe the Sprint 4 as well. They're a relatively new company founded in 2021 and like your Triangle speakers, they are designed and built in France. I have the Atalante 3 monitors and am hopelessly in love with them.

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I heard Sonus Fabers yesterday, several models in different lines. They were all paired with McIntosh and from what I understand McIntosh is now parent company. They all sounded very good and there are models in your price range.

Great amps great output transformers

proacs work really well

Vandersteen bass room tunable

powered series with self contained

bass amps are really special.

it’s rare these amps come up.

you are now capable to assemble a system

that most couldn’t shine this one’s shoes

best JohnnyR 


Although you haven’t yet stated your sound preferences, Johnny R @audioconnection knows Quicksilver inside and out, and if he’s recommending ProAc (which I was gonna also recommend BTW) and Vandy I’d take that very seriously.  I’ll throw in Joseph Audio, Usher, QLN, Reference 3A, and Verity Audio as other relatively tube-friendly and excellent speakers to consider.  Read reviews of the above and, if at all possible, go to a dealer and give those that pique your interest a listen with your music.  Or, get to my home state of NJ and have Johnny R give you a kick-ass demo with both ProAcs and Vandys — it’d be well worth the trip.  And yeah, I’ve been there.  He’s the real deal. 

Vandersteen Model 5, 5A were paired up some times with the QS MX-135 amps years back, and forward. Said to be "consequently, can be driven by a mid-power amplifier despite its modest sensitivity of 87db". Also helped by its built-in sub, etc. Worth looking into even if they are older and require some type of refresh, updates - considering the desired price range. As recommended, check with Johnny R.

I've seen MX-135s on sold years later at my local dealer, and discussion around driving various electrostat speakers there too. Some transformers in them, fwiw.