Speaker recommendations please

This is my current system but I would like to upgrade my speakers and have not had much time lately to audition any. Budget upto $7k. the Gallos are great but am sure something better out there that may be an upgrade. I listen to jazz, electronic, blues and 2 ch my primary concern.Any suggestions much appreciated.

bel canto pl1a
bel canto pre6
audiopax model 5
butler tdb 2250
maccormack dna 500
gallo ref3 sub amp
gallo ref 3.1
ic and pc -virtual dynamics masters, argent pursang
spkr -vd revelation and shunyata andromeda
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If you like the Gallo's I think they use Dynaudio drivers.

You could always try a high end Dynaudio speaker if you are seeking improvements. Frankly I can't see how any driver could work very effectively in such a small cylindrical box as used in those Gallos Ref 3.1. ...it seems like it can't possibly be very efficient or free of distortion as pressure will vary significantly during woofer excursion.
The Audio Physics Scorpio I heard at CES was amazing and in your price range if i am not mistaken.
Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System speakers were my personal choice at about 5K/pr. I think these are superb performers at their price point and far beyond. Used you can find them for 4K/pr. or less.

In the used catagory I would also look at the Merlin VSM MX Floorstanders, the Dali Helicon 800s, the Ayon Butterflies (these are also in your range new), and if you get lucky and find a heavily reduced used pair of McIntosh XRT-28s (these go for 18K/pr. new), they are incredible.

Intuitive Design Summits. With the stands, 5000. Spectacular. Mine are integrated with a Rel Storm III, with its crossover set at 27 hertz. I've reviewed them here on Audiogon. In the 7000 dollar price range, there are a lot of potentially great choices. Very recently, someone was selling Audio Physic Avanti III's here on Audiogon for ABOUT that price, maybe a little lower.
Piega c-8ltd. I paid $6500 for a pair and love them. Seen some for the same price lately also. They are stereophile class "a" rated. Retail is close to $17k if I am not mistaken.
Look to the Coincident line. The Supper EclipseIII is as good as anything I have ever heard. Its well worth the 5999.00 it retails for.

Silverline is also a nice line as is the Audio Physics line. If money is no object the Verity line is very nice, not cheap, but very good.
If you can, audition Energy Veritas V2.4i last.
A used pair of Wilson Benesch Curve or Discovery is pretty awesome. You must put it on your short list.
I'll second the Energy V2.4i's. With the money you save you can add a very nice sub and achieve truly great, full range sound. I use mine with a Talon ROC 2002.

If you choose to spend more, the Vienna Mahler is an outstanding choice and would (I bet) mate well with the DNA500.
Even if I repeat myself, a used pair of Verity Parsifal or Avalon Opus.
I've spent time with both the McCormick and Butler amps and think they match great with Focus Audio speakers (disclaimer, I am a Focus Audio dealer). With those amps, I'd also take a look at Salk Sound speakers and possibly SP Tech (both of which I've also heard with Butler and McCormick...each has a very different sound, but both mate well in these cases).
Everyone thanks for the suggestions. I will read up on the recommendations and will try to audition some.
I have a pair of EgglestonWorks Fontaines and love them. Deatailed, smooth, dreamy, responsive, superb bass quality, disappearing speakers. Pardon my morbidity, but if I knew I was eight minutes and 11 seconds from death, I'd insert Cannonball Adderley's CD, "Somethin' Else", punch track three, crank up the volume, lie on the couch, and go out with a big smile on my face. I see a pair of Rosas for sale right now on A'gon - only $4600. Love the Eggleston sound. And that would leave you $2400 for CDs!

Thanks for the tip. With my eight mins, it wud be nice to have Halle Berry on couch with me.