Speaker recommendations please

I have a small room with a sprung floor, brick and plaster walls. 12' by 13', with an incursive chimney breast and a curved bay. Not ideal I know. I want unobtrusive floor or stand mounts that will be, of course, everything. Smooth, dynamic, seemless, spacious etc, which do not require too much rear space.
The Amp is a MF A1000. I do not want to change. Although it is a high current total class A, low resistive values make it cry, 8 ohm's is best and the higher the sensitivity the better it sings. Preferbly above 89db. (Ie Avalons and Magnepans are out of the question!)
suggest you to get a pair of ProAc, will be a good match to MF. But if you are looking for resolution, I suggest you to get Dyna or Thiel speakers.

Think bookshelf model is already good for you.

Take a look at Reference 3A (http://www.reference3a.com). They have a reasonable range of higher-efficiency speakers that should work well in your environment.
Check out Coincident Technology speakers. Really really nice.
Take a look at Reimer speakers.
Take your pick > http://www.welbornelabs.com/recomendspeaks.htm
Meadowlarks are worth a listen.
Check out the Monitor Audio Studio and Gold series stand mounted speakers. Very easy to drive with good sensitivity. Will work well in a smallish room. They have good synergy with Musical Fidelity amps.
I second the Meadowlark spkrs. Easy to place and easy to drive. I have used them w/tubes(Anthem amp1) and ss(Audible Illusions S-120).
You should check out a pair of the Von Schweikert VR-1s. They are have a frequency response of 40Hz to 25 kHz (-3dB points, in-room), the Impedance is 8 ohms nominal, 5 ohms min. and the sensitivity is 89 dB @one watt/one meter. (in-room, non anechoic). These are one of the most musical sounding speakers you will find and best of all they are $999 for the pair.
Arc from Wilson Benesch is expensive, but would work well
in your room.
I suggest you should contact Ric Cummins at Argent Audio (www.roomlens.com) and listen to his advice about his Rosinante Dulcineas monitor speakers. They are awesome. Good luck.
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Quad 11 12L...leave the "cotton in the ears" sound behind