speaker recommendations needed


I am looking to swap out my speakers. We just moved in to a new place, and I need something a little smaller and less dominating. Currently I have a set of Tyler Acoustics D1's: they are fabulous but huge, and this will be a multi-purpose room. Amplification is currently solid state (McCormack DNA-125 and ALD-1, both upgraded to REV. Gold). Not opposed to a tube amp, but the last 2 I have had in here, despite the $6k price tags, didn't best the McCormack, at least not on these speakers. Maybe they would on the new speakers. Room is 20x14x9, but the speakers will have to be 8 feet out from the back wall, at least, as there will be a breakfast nook in there as well.

A few speakers I have liked over the years:

Devore Super 8
Merlin VSM
Tyler Decade D1
Various Sonus Faber
B&W 804s

Speakers I did not like:
Thiel CS 3.6
Dynaudio C3 (maybe an amplification mis-match)

As I live in a small town, it is impossible to get speakers home for an in-home demo, so I have to do my research and hope for the best.
Wow that is a tough question. Speakers like a persons ears are all different. But you can cut the list way down buy what power amps your using. If you switch to tubes you could go with something a lot more sensitive like 90db or better. Or you could keep the SS amp and switch to something like Martin Logan Vantage or try Montana Loudspeakers. Very hard for someone to offer suggestions as there are to many speaker manufactures.
Dawg...Honestly I would talk with Ty and see about a trade in with your D 1's. Ty will make something that would be suitable for your scenario. I own the woodmere II's and these are amazing like your D series...Plus I also use B&W in my setup as well for HT and TV...But I think a call to Ty would be in order and he would create something for you...Another that is not on your list is Vandersteen...This is another speaker company that I think you should consider too if you wish to try something..I have heard a couple versions in two channel setups and was happy to hear the music etc...
I like Vandersteen (I use them myself), but am thinking of small speakers that hour wife and you would like.......Check out Gallo speakers.
If you like the Tylers, why not try some smaller ones?