Speaker Recommendations - from Vandersteen 5As

I have been using Vandersteen Model 5 speakers in my system with excellent results.  I like the open sound, balanced top to bottom sound, sound stage 3D dimension, and having deep bass that is adjustable.  They really have a huge sound that is also very musical.  I used to own Alon V MKII speakers and the Alnico mid-range driver produced a better mid-range sound  compared to the Vandersteens in that one aspect.  That mid-range was just pure magic and the Alons had more impact but were not close to being as balanced of a speaker.  I recently sold my older model 5s because I got a great deal on a much better cosmetic condition Vandersteen model 5As.  To me the 5As just don't sound like my old model 5s.  I have not really had the chance to play around with them that much and my system unfortunately changes in some ways because my Audiomeca CD transport bit the dust.  That was one hell of a great sounding CDT.

I am looking in the $7500 price range and usually purchase used.  I have plenty of dealers in the NYC area that I can visit and people that I know so I will be taking the time to take a look around.  I do like the size of the Vandersteen 5s so that if something I would be considering.  I was thinking of a short list and thought Verity Parsifals, Sonus Faber, Legacy, DeVore, etc.  I tend to focus on piano so I need a speaker that really can produce that sound first before I look elsewhere.  I probably lean towards a musical sound maybe slightly warm, open on top with air.  I can adjust the sound by changing caps and resistors in my components so I guess I just need a balanced sounding speaker with a great mid-range that can also product deep bass.  

Also note that I build my own DAC (separate power supply), preamp (separate power supply) and power amp so I can build anything for any speaker.  Right now my DAC is a DHT design, preamp 6SN7 design and amp is a hybrid 6SN7 design.  My system is dead quiet and the components are reference quality compared to the best that I have compared them to at local dealer showrooms.  I only spin CDs right now through a transport and I am using a Metronome CD1A  transport with a separate power supply.

So knowing that I am in the NYC area, what speakers in the price range should be on my short list to go our and hear?

I probably sound like an A-hole but I would really like some recommendations.  If you are in the local area, I would enjoy the company if you are interested.  I'll buy the pizza and beer!

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Hi Peter Big Kidz
Hope you are doing well........1 How did you assess and confirm the High pass setting for the 100 HZ minus 3db down point?2 Did you ever read the manual and perform proper tilt-back from your chairs ear height and distance in inches out to each ear? If so whats the speaker’s measurements in inches firstly tweeter to tweeter, and then left channel tweeter to your left ear then Right channel tweeter to right ear in inches?

3 What speaker/ Interconnects cables are you running?
4 What are the pots clock positions within the Bass amps EQ both speakers on
pots.9,10,11? example Left CH
pot 9 9 o’clock
pot 10  2o’clockpot
pot 11  4 o’clockRight Channell same as above.?etcCheers, JohnnyR

John I will give you a call or stop by hopefully this week.  This weekend I was able to reassemble my system to where it was with the 5s.  They sounded much better.  I may have an issue with the sub-amps.  I think they are supposed to be 400 watts each.  I do not think I cm getting that type of output right now.
I would also bring in those homebrew non-battery bias hi-pass units for comparison they may also be a part of your shortcomings.
5As being more revealing may also be showing their lack of clarity and transparency or dip switch settings needing a different set of adjustments.
while you are at it bring in both amps.
Vandersteen only charges 15 bucks each to performance verify
and always reasonable if something is needed.
Cheers JohnnyR
Thanks JohnnyR.  I sold the homebrew non-battery bias hi-pass units when I sold the 5s.  I am using the original Vandersteen filters that I have always owned.  When I had the 5s we compared the homebrewed to the originals and the originals did not perform as well.  I will build another pair and we can compare them in the future when I get around to it.  I will take a look at the amps and if necessary, we can send them to Vandersteen.  I always appreciate your professionalism and being there when needed.
@audioconnection Johnny will you be getting in the new model Vandersteen that sort of replaces the model 5s?  I think the name is Kento???