Speaker Recommendations for VAC Ren 30/30 Mk III

I have just purchased a VAC Renaissance 30/30 Mk III. Immediately before taking it home, my Tyler Ref 2 speakers broke (bass module of left one went dead). I bypassed the bass modules and am using the Tyler as a Ref Monitor at the moment and it still sounds better than my older VAC PA 100/100 (which is fine as well) running the whole thing. Considering fixing, but not sure -- might sell as is.

Looking for new recommendations. Thinking of Joseph RM25's, Harbeth Compact 7, or checking out something by Focal. Even been thinking about Klipsch. Difficult to compare anything given the lack of stores nowadays. Would love to hear from people who have had experience with amp. Preamp is VAC Standard.
I don't have any specific suggestions for you, but the 30/30 has been an amp I have wanted to try for many many years. There was a TAS (I think) review that always stuck with me. From memory, the reviewer said his wife decreed that her favorite speaker was whatever they chose to connect to the 30/30, meaning you can't go wrong. We know better, of course, but I'm sure you'll have fun with this.
I ran this amp with my Joseph Rm25si MkIIs and found that they would have liked slightly more juice in my room.
Even though this amp has a lot of iron and 32 big 300B push/pull watts I'd look for a speaker of 91 db sens. or higher.
Buy the reviewer's Reference 3A MM De Capo i's ($1200) on this site and don't look back.
Congrats on your purchase. The first speakers that come to mind are the DeVore Nines, and Verity Finns. They are both 91db and I think both have a pretty flat impedance. They are in the mid 6K range. I wasn't sure about your price range. I am sure there are quite a few more choices I missed. I would think at least this efficient as Bnrlaw mentioned. I am sure with a properly matched speaker, you will enjoy the heck out of the Ren 30/30.
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You should be aware that this amp has a high power supply noise floor with high (100+) sensitivity speakers. My 30/30 mkiii signature puts a full 1.0 mV at my 105+ spl edgarhorn speaker terminals with the use of shorting plugs on the amp's inputs. Otherwise, a super super amp! Plus, the VAC people are terrific folks to deal with.
Great input, all of it much appreciated.

Brnlaw, thanks for you personal experience with the Josephs.

Vohhakemarine, I noticed the high noise floor already and agree that going too efficient might be an issue. My thoughts are 90db to about 95db might be optimal.