Speaker recommendations for replacing existing pr

I have a dedicated music room now, and was thinking of replacing my Def Tech 2004's.

I am using a Music Hall CD-25 with a Cayin TA-30 tube integrated. with analysis plus cables.

The Def Tech's sound good (most would wonder why you wanting to replace them then), but being bi-polar it seems they aren't quite dedicated music speakers.

I would like to find a pair used for about $1000. I've heard Vienna Acoustics, and those sound great. What do you all think.

Any recommendations?
Depending on the size of your room, I would say listen to Meadowlark Shearwater, and Audio Physik Spark or Tempo if you can. I think the APs might need a little more power, but the Meadowlarks should do fine with your very nice-sounding amp.

my room is pretty small approx 13x11
The Shearwaters would be too big for your room. I like Meadowlarks myself (I have Shearwaters). They're all easy to drive and very musical. I wouldn't hesitate to say listen to any model that will fit, starting with the Kestrel Hot Rod. (Both it and the Shearwater are now discontinued, so it may be tough to hear those particular models before you buy.)

The above doesn't mean you have a bad choice in the Vienna Acoustics, though. And if you're willing to consider monitors, I like the Aurum Cantus Leisure 3 SE a lot.