Speaker recommendations for MC275

 Can anyone recommend a good speaker match for my McIntosh MC275 VI?  (Mac c2200 preamp)

Currently have the original B&W N804.  I’m looking to upgrade.  Budget is max. $12K.  New or used.  My room dimensions are 21’ x 12’ x 8’ H.  
Proac D48R
Spendor D9
should also pair well with Devore O/93 or O/96
I’m new enough to this, that I haven’t quit figured out all the details necessary for pairing amps and speakers, but it was it was recommended that I strongly consider the MC275 to pair with my Spatial audio M3 TriodeMasters from a source I trust. 
If i am allowed to mention a competitor, there are a pair of mint Proac Response 2S’s on ebay as we speak..

sonus faber electa amator iii is excellent with MC275
The Rockport Atria 2 would sound wonderful with Mac275.
Probably not an upgrade but I run Harbeth SHL5+’s with my 275 VI and c2500.
Definitely a vote for Spender D9’s too, but check out the Magico A-3’s, Wilson Sabrina(used) or KEF LS 5o. The Vandersteen Treo CT should also be considered as well IMHO. You may appreciate the new B&W series as well. IMHO All depending on room size and preferred listening levels.
Von schweikert are a nice choice endeavor e3 mk 2 
I rock my Focal Kanta 2's with the mc275 mk vi.