Speaker recommendations for Mac MA7900

I have recently purchased a Mcintosh MA 7900 integrated amp.   It has replaced my restored Fisher 500C tube receiver.  I had been using Klipsch KG4's with the Crites tweeters and crossovers, and it sounded fine, but something was just missing a bit.  I need to add that I'm 65 years old and have some high frequency hearing loss, so I was also using a Pioneer equalizer through the Fisher's tape monitor to boost some of the upper end a bit.   I'm looking for some new speakers to pair with the Mac.   My budget is probably 4k tops for the pair.   I've been considering some Cornwall II's but wanted to get some suggestions.   Much appreciate the help.
I have a McIntosh MA6600 paired with Salk Song3 BeAT, I’m very happy with the sound and the finish is beautiful.  They are a little over your budget but the Song3’s come in at a lower cost.
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Plus for less money the Tekton Moabs make the Cornwall's sound like Japanese Kubuki speakers!
My ma6700 integrated amp drives a pair of Cornwall ii speakers upgraded with tweeters、mid drivers and crossovers from Bob Crites having the sublime sound from the top to the bottom indeed 
I have a MA6700 and paired it with Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3’s. Added a Rel S5 SHO and am happy with it.
Many ma6700 and ma7900 users said that b&w 805d can have superb sound paired by those 2 amps 
Your McIntosh MA 7900 is a nice little bit of kit with those autoformers...  If you get the chance try some Martin Logan ESL X...
I also pair Rogers LS6a/2 speakers with ma 6700 amp , the sound is excellent 👍