Speaker recommendations for Arcam AVR300?

What 5 channel speaker setup would you suggest pairing with an Arcam AVR300 and DV79 for HT? I use my setup 80% for movies and 20% for music. I really like the sound of B&W N804, HTM-1, and DS7. The B&Ws might require more power then the Arcam can output.
I have the avr300 with a quad setup, 21L fronts, quad center and quad 12L rears and quad L sub, I auditioned a B&W setup, 805's' htm center and 805 rears and found the quads to sound much better, have a much better finish, and cost about half of the B&W's, as a matter of fact, the quads replaced a aerial system with seperates (krell), and sound as good or better, the arcam avr 300 is as advertised, it is as good as the reveiws claim,ps, the arcam has more power then you need, it lets you biamp the front speakers in a 5.1 setup. good luck
I am using North Creek Eska towers and an Eska center along with PSB Image S50's for the rear surrounds, driven by the AVR 300. I have a DV89 coming; right now I've got a $100 Toshiba DVD. I biwired the center and biamped the fronts. I have an SVS Ultra subwoofer. I chose the North Creeks because they appear to be the only speakers specifically designed for near wall placement. If it gets any better than this, I think you'd have to spend a huge amount of money.The imaging and clartiy, especially on vocals, is spot on. Stunning theater setup, too.
If I were considering the Arcam, or any receiver for that matter, I'd not be spending lots on speakers...specifically one's that that want more power. You'd also drive them as "small", as the receiver is limited on power output, not to mention passive speakers lack of efficiency mostly.
I would consider saving a bundle, and trying some smaller monitors like the Infinity Beta series stuff. I use them in my small home theater room with some Acurus and Krell gear, and am very very thrilled with the sound I'm getting!
The Beta series uses the same drivers as the. MTS series, is as detailed as teh B&W stuff for WAY MORE money.
I use the Beta 10's in a very small room setting, and they're superb on 24" stands. The B&W 805N's I've sold over the years, as well as Thiels, Sonus Faber, Dunlavy, Wilson, you name it! For cheap, you'll not better these little speakers. Thought it might be a consideration to save some money.
These speakers are a tad foreward in pressntation, but works perfectly with HT, for more involvment and "jump factor/pressence"!
I guess what I'm basically promoting is a much more affrdable, yet audiophile grade sounding transparent speaker that will better make sense with a receiver based system!
My buddy used to use Nautilus 805's with a very good souneding Nakamichi AV10 receiver back when. It wasn't anyting special sounding alltogether, just ok.
good luck
I just got an AVR300 and was shocked at how good my Tannoy Reveal monitors sounded. I have used my Reveals with all my stereos including my Tandberg/Threshold system and had no idea they could be so transparant. I bought my reveals on ebay for about $200 a pair, with the center channel costing aboutj $325. I have also owned the B&W DM series monitor and it didn't come close. I would also recommend PSB. I have a pair of PSB's that are entry level in price but in some ways outperform my Sonus Fabers.
I have a pair of Magnepan 1.6's with a rel b3 sub, hooked up to the AVR 300 -- the maggies sound real nice with this combination.
Can't recommend without describing your room/setup. I wouldn't recommend large speakers for small room, typical speakers in a low ceiling far back seating situation, nor dipoles in a dead room. Need more info...