Speaker recommendations for AES Six Pacs

My current speakers (Aerial 6s) like alot of current and are not a good match for the Six Pacs. I prefer a full range speaker (with some resonable bass response), but I would also consider monitors with a sub. My room is about 12x18.

Has anyone heard a wonderful match?
i demoed the aes sixpacs with my gershman acoustics avant garde rx-20. i loved the sound, but the amps just couldn't deliver the punch i wanted. if you really love your speakers i would suggest moving up to a higher powered tube amp to get the punch you're looking for. i returned the sixpacs and bought a used pair of cary slm-200 (130 watt triode). now i have about 90% of my punch back. i'm planning on trying out the zero autoformers to see if i can't get the other 10% back sometime in the future. good luck.
Thanks, I am currently using a CJ 2250 with a tube preamp - a good match for the Aerial 6s. The original plan was to use the Six Pacs in a second office system and I first tested the amps with small Mission speakers and I was amazed by the sound. When I moved the amps to the main system the amps were too small to get the speakers singing - limited bass. The opinion is the Aerials require some jucie.

Thanks for the feedback - I will keep looking.
Get a set of Merlin VSMs for full range, or TSMs for monitors. These speakers are very tube friendly. I am presently using TSM-Ms with my Cary V12R which is similar to the Six Packs. I have all the power I need in triode mode which is the same 50wpc as your Six Packs. The VSMs are even more efficient.