Speaker recommendations for 2,500 or less?

My system is a Classe CAP 150 integrated amp with a Classe CDP1 cd player... What speakers would work best with my equipment? I would consider either a floor stand or a monitor speaker..
This depends so much on your room size and musical tastes. New or used? For a smaller room, monitors work well & you can mate them with a sub later if you want. Look at the Soliloquy models @ www.solspeak.com--the 5.0 monitor is a great bargain and sounds great, Audio Concepts Jaguar of Sapphire LE III at www.audioc.com for starters. Both offer great sound and good value for the money. You'll find more of the Soliloquy models for sale used on A'gon though.
I'm responding so this becomes an active thread on my home page. I've got a CAP-100 with Spica TC-60's and I'm curious what responses you get.
Used Revel Performa F30 or M20 would be a great bet.
I love the Audio Physic Sparks.
I would be interested in new or used... My listing room is about 12' by 20'.. I mainly listen rock music.. I am currently using PSB Stratus Mini's, but I have recently thought about upgrading.. What about Totem or Proac with Classe equipment? A good match?

The PSB Stratus Golds. Ive seen them used as cheap as $900.00.
Used Thiel 2.3's
I bought the Dynaudio Audience 50 monitor speakers (about $900 a pair) after listening to them with the CAP 150. I am using an Acurus DIA 150 and it sounds okay, but the Classe sounded better, I think. Dynaudio has full-size speakers in your price range as well. Very precise and dry sound, great when loud.
I have the EFE Tech T-22's. They are and MTM speaker and about 22 inches tall and $990.They are fantastic and an audio secret.

Email Ed Frias at EFESPKRS@alo.com and he'll email you back a cataloge.

I don't understand why there is so little heard about EFE speakers on audiophile forums. EFE's compete with speakers many times their price. I brought mine over the Mike Matszals house(Soundstage!) and he agreed they were under priced. He loved them.

Dunlavy SCIV's.

Bill E.
Agree entirely with subaruguru--used Revel F30's are real winners at this pricepoint.
Do yourself a favor. Audition Newform 645's. You will have to order them from the factory ($2300), but they have a 30 day return policy. I auditioned many, many speakers trying to make a decision and I read great things online about the 645's. I was skeptical, but I decided to try the 30 audition. Having had them for some time now, I would pay twice what I paid for them and still feel like I got a deal. And no, I don't know anyone at Newform, not connected to audio in any way, and have zero interest in their company. I am interested in, however, supporting companies who provide excellent products and excellent customer service at bargain prices. These online companies will eventually change audio as we know it!

Should you decide to audition them, run them hard for three weeks before you make a decision. They will be good enough for you to make a decision by then, but they will ultimately take three months to reach their potential.

There is not a speaker mentioned above (especially for the money) that will do as many things well as the 645's and they will kill most of them in many areas. Trust me, give them a listen. You won't go back to the "name game" if you hear a really broken in pair.

Check out the Newforms group at:

I must concur with the Dunlavy SC1V's used (if you can find at $2500/pr), or the PSB Gold's if you're into Rock music! Actually the Golds can kick out the bass with more authority however, but not as refined and quick w/pinpont imaging as the Dunlavy's! However for $1000-$1200 used, the PSB's are a steal for Rock fans! A step up from the PSB's would be a used set of 3.3's from NHT! These have slightly less detail/rez than the Dunlavy's however, but as clear and solid through out!
Of the 3 I mentioned, with the Classe CAP150 you're using, the Dunlavy's are easiest to drive (higher sensetivity), followed by PSB's, then NHT 3.3's.
I've owned the Thiel 2.3's, and like em, but you'll klip the speakers too easy if you're into rock at louder levels with those weeker Classe's!(not as strong as others really)
You need much stronger amps with the Thiels, and there not really rock speakers like others.
For bookshelf monitors, I'd look into some Used Sonus Faber electa Amators for $2500 range used! These are strong sounding, and world class resolution and detail! Stay away from all those Dainty little speakers that are out there for Rock. Proac's, Sililoquies, spica's, etc, just don't cut hard hitting rock that well!...you'll be dissapointed if you even remotely head bang! Thiel 2.3 are OK ith massive power amps, but not Classe's older amps!!Dippolito's in floor standers work better for Rock usually, and are more dynamic often than conventional speakers, Anyway, good luck
The NHT 2.9. The martin Logan SL3 used.
Thanks for the advice.. It's strange nobody has mentioned Proac or Totem, any reason??
Tclipse, I've hear two of the totems and preferred the newforms to them....the newforms are what I own. They are very easy to drive. Speakers are so personal. I use solid state on the newforms. I like some of the older proac models. Now the fun part will be to listen in your own room on your system. Another plus with the newforms are you can have great theatre sound from them as well. The revels would be a good buy, as mentioned. Good hunting, Bluenose
The Proac 1.5 is a great speaker - beautiful mids and hi's,
but I never felt it had the bottom to rock.
Thanks for eveyone's imput... Speaking of monitors whch of them would have the best bottom end for rock music whle remaining smooth and very detailed? I guess I want it all!!
The Taylo monitors which are frequently auctioned on A'gon would fit the bill for detail and bass response. Add a sub like the ACI Titan II and you'd have a system that would rock with all types of music.
Heard nothing but good things about the Tyler Acoustics monitors. For floorstanders I'd add the Soliloquy 6.2s--very smooth, detailed, coherent, and disappear into the music. Best of luck.

Used Aerial 10T
magneplanar 1.6
Those talon peregrine speakers on audiogon now for 2500 with stands is one of the best deals i have ever come across. This speaker is almost as good as the original Khorus. Incredible!!! That is my advice for sure. If you dont go for these i would go for a pair of merlin vsm SEs. They are also incredible for the money. Either way is a sure win and they both kill just about (there are about 3 exceptions i know of) any speaker out there that are 6k or less. Email me for info on either pair. - Ian
A question like this is too hard to answer without knowing the kind of music you like best and the room where you listen to it. At 2,500, you can't have it all. Tradeoffs are the reality almost all of us live with, so you've got to choose the strengths and priorities that fit your circumstances.
That said, I think the Proac 1.5 is fantastic, but a bit more that your budget, and the Linn Ninka is also really good.
An obvious answer: no speaker will work "best". It's your room and your ears and what your preferences are. Speakers color sound and the design is always a trade off. What kind of sound do you like? Some speakers like Thiele and Vandersteen use what is called a pulse coherant design and emphasize imaging. Others, most canadian and British for example, are designed for a flat response. The best thing is to see if you can take them home and listen there. Sometimes that is not possible.
I will say my favorite is speakers I make myself because you get such better quality for the $$. If you are not into starting from scratch which I would not recommend forhte first time, speaker kits are available and are very easy to build. The down side is that you cannot hear them at home first. North Creek.com and Madisound.com both have great kits that are easy to make. I prefer Scan-Speak drivers myself. For your price you will get quality that you won't see until the 6-7k range (or well above that in many lines) in retail speakers. Check out the Madisound Solist kit or the North Creek Rhythm Kit (my favorite) for the fun of it. If you go this way get the best crossover you can afford.
Harbeth Compact 7ES or Monitor 30. Also Spendor SP 1/2. All are accurate large monitors that you can build a great system with.
Listen to RBH 1044 SE. Then sound like a $5K pair. Really.
For a litle over $2500 you could have a used Sonus Faber Electa Amator II. Absolutely the best small speaker I've ever heard. Amazing and dynamic bass from such a small enclosure, harmonically rich with goergous midrange and smooth and nicely resolved highs. They do require some juice to sound their best and your Classe gear is more than up to the task. Actually I think it would make a really nice, musical system.
SF EA IIs are amazing speakers. I would take the talons over them for sound quality but you really can not go wrong with Electa Amator IIS for a mixture of looks and sound. Very good suggestion... If only i had thought of that.....
For your musical taste i recommend Klipsch KLF 30! Why waste your money for the speakers that will play music that is horrible recorded at first place? Unless your taste will eventually evolve into different 'genre'of music i wouldn't bother with super quality speakers. Good Luck.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I will do some research on the above mentioned speakers.. Anybody have any experience with the Tyler Lindbrook monitors? I have read some nice things about them. Would they be suited for rock type music at med levels while still maintaining there composure and still be smooth and detailed?
I would recommend the Vandersteen 2CE's with a Vanersteen subwoofer.