Speaker Recommendations budget of <6k new or used

Hi newbie.

Looking for some speaker recommendation for new speakers at home. I don't have a dedicated room listening area is around 14x12 ceiling height is prolly 10 feet. Room is not treated. 
Associated equipment are VPI Prime sig with transfiguration axia s cart. Zesto 1.2 Andros Phonostage, Zesto Let 1.0 Preamamp, Zesto Bia 120 Stereo amp. Kimber Hero interconnects and Kimber Monocle XL for speaker cables. 
I play a little bit of everything. But mostly rock. Current speakers are Tannoy XT8F Floorstanders. 

Budget is <6k new or used. I don't have a ton of space so I might place the speakers close to the wall.

So far I've audition Wilson Sabrina's (Love it but out of my price range.)
Harbeth's SuperHL's Plus and the 3.2 anniversaries. 

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You say listening "area." Is that area part of a larger room?
I suggest trying some vintage Tannoys. Monitor Golds, or HPD's. I think you would be pleased with them.

Good luck, regards,

We sell many of the hotest loudpseakers in that price range.

If you love rock you would love the new Golden Ear Triton 1R they are narrow slighthly deep and have amazing deep bass.

One cool factor is that the bass is adjustable so you can control the amount of bass for the room size.

The Tritron 1R sound amazing on tubes are very efficient, play loud, have a fantastic midrange, and have a huge soundstage as well, and are one of the best sounding loudspeakers we have ever heard, they are the exact same speaker as the larger Tritron References.

The new Tritron 1R are vastly supperior than the older Triton 1’s.

Other fantastic Rock speakers are the PSB T3 which have a slightly more open midrange, slightly less deep bass, but also throw a huge soundstage, great top end and are very narrow, the bass response is adjustable with plugs as well. 
Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Golden Ear and PSB dealers,
Was considering the triton 1.r's
Check out the recent (and popular) speaker recommendation thread begun by @smodtactical.  It's arranged according to list price for a new pair (not used).

Just be aware that, so far, it has only taken one recommendation for a speaker to be listed in a certain price range.
Lestelpaul you will be amazed by them. We have followed Golden Ear for years and quite frankly only wanted them for our Home Theater setups.

Our previous demos at other dealers with the older Tritrons were good but not convincing enough for us to want to actually sell the speakers either they sounded too recessed in the midrange with too much bass and the treble was either bright or dull.

Sandy totally redesigned the drivers, tweeked the crossover and made some improvements in the cabinet and boom all the older defects we heard just went way.

Then last year at the New York Audio show a pair of Triton Reference were sounding good on a very inexpensive Peachtree audio amp and dac less than $2,500.00 for the electronics and dac.

At Axpona we wanted to hear the Golden Ears again, here the electronics were much better Prima Luna amp and preamp and perhaps a Mcintosh CD player a better showing but still hardly very expensive gear.

The sound as Axpona was so good, we begged Sandy to let us have the line, walking nearly the entire show for three days the Golden Ear demo still was so inspiring that we came to the conclusion that for the money there was nothing at the show that could touch that setup which embarassed a lot of really expensive setups.

After the show we think both Stereophile and the Absolute Sound also lauded the room as being a standout and a standout for the price.


Andrew Quint’s Best of AXPONA 2019

Most Significant Product Introduction
Acora Acoustics loudspeakers. Right out of the gate, these guys have the whole enclosure thing down, which is huge.

Most Important Trend
More and more DAC/streamers. Pretty soon, there will be no point in bringing discs to a show…unless they are black ones, 12" in diameter.

Best Sound (for the money)
Golden Ears Technology Triton One.R. No contest.

For rock it would be hard to find a better speaker, the bass response is amazing, tight, deep and fast, the speakers work well with a lot of toe in and a set of Isoacoustics footers really help focus the sound stage.

Our demo room is 18 by 14 with a 10 foot ceiling and the speakers work fabulously well in that room, your room is a bit smaller but with the adjustable bass you should be able to find a point where the bass is good tight without enough extension without it being too much. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Golden Ear dealers