Speaker Recommendations

I've owned a lot of different speakers, mainly Martin-Logans and Magnepans, but I have owned a few others too, Linn, Epos, NHT. My current speakers are Vandersteen 2ce Signatures and I really like them, but 2 factors have me thinking about replacing them.
One is I've changed to a Musical Fidelity integrated amp from McCormack seperates and the integrated doesn't control the Vandies like the McCormack did. The other factor is that I'd like to have something a little smaller. Not bookshelf size, just not 45 inches tall and 13 inches wide.
Any recommendations for a nice full-range speaker in the $1000(used) range that might work?

The living voice auditorium, absolutely amazing speaker
I owned the 2CE signatures, enjoyed their sound but they were just too dang big. I replaced them with Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods and couldn't be happier. I prefer the Shearwater's sound to the Vandy's.
How about the Hyperion 938s at about 41" tall and 12" wide? I own them. They will be a vast improvement over the Vandersteens and will be easily driven by the MF integrated (90 dB efficient and 6 Ohm nominal). Retails for 4500 but you can find significant dealer discounts. Try www.hyperionsound.com for reviews and awards and http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/viewforum.php?f=80 for more info.
Try the B&W DM 603 S3. There is a review in this months issue of Stereophile and, it was a dandy. I've only heard them once and was suitably impressed. Seems like a bargain for $1K.
Zu Cables make some great speakers that are very efficient. The Druids nad the Definitions, I believe they are releasing a monitor type speaker based on the Druid design. They are award winning and have some great write ups. Worth checking out!
Hales. There's a pair of Rev 2's out there now that might just fit you. I've got the Rev 3's and love em'.
As your budget is $1000, it is going to be a bit difficult to find what you are looking for. First, a LOT of speakers will have the same problem in controlling the voice coils of the Vandersteens. Secondly, there just aren't a lot of commendable floor standing louspeakers at the $1000 price point.

May I suggest that you could look into used speakers such the Totem Arro, Von Schweikert VR2, or Coincident Conquest? None needs as much current as where you currently are.

Another idea is to call Bill LeGall at Millersound, (215) 412 - 7700. His transformations of these particular Vandersteens have earned him a tremendous reputation. He really opens up the sound, and winds up making them far easier to drive as well. While not the biggest fan of the Vandersteen 2, after Bill mods them, I come away quite impressed. On top of it all, it will more than easily fit into the budget you have specified.
Sorry, I take back my speaker recommendation as I didn't realize your budget is $1000. I agree with Trelja's suggestions. Good luck.
Thank you, Dracule!

One other speaker I neglected to mention is the Triangle Antal, or one of the speakers a step or two up or down from it in the family. There are also some offerings from JMlabs that might fit the bill, but at that point, you are probably taking a step back sonically.

Again, one thing happens a lot, even with speakers considered "efficient" is poor control of a speakers voice coil. For the most part, these combinations can work quite well, but if you are after the type of bass control it sounds like you are, it is not as easy as many people think. Like most things, brute force solid state amplification does have its advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, one of its advantages is also one of your sonic priorities.
Wharfedale 9.6's. period. New at around $900.00. Efficient, dynamic, detailed, with very tight detailed low base. British sound yes....but not to sterile. Wonderful speakers.