Speaker Recommendations

Need help with a short list of speaker recommendations for an acousticlly treated 15' x 13' room using Rowland amp preamp.
Phous, you stated no budget amount, your other up stream components, what sonic virtues are the most important to you and finally what type of music you listen to, but what the heck, I'll give it a go at a recommendation! Since I'm a planar type of guy I would highy recommend MG-3.6's that would be a good match with your Rowland gear. Not cheap,$4000.00 retail but wonderful speakers that compete with much more expensive speakers. On the website,Enjoy the Music, they just did a review on this speaker and gave it a rave evaluation. Well just a suggestion, so I hope you put them on your list of speakers to audtion. Hope this helps.
Price range? Full range or monitors/sub?
Do you have a budget in mind? I am currently getting great results using a Rowland Model 10 to drive Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 5.1s. I have also heard Rowland gear driving one of the B&W Nautilus systems to great effect.
Phous, I agree with Teajay but I would suggest Apogee or Peigrees (if you acess to them) also there's nothing like planars!
I tell everyone to listen to Spendor Classic loudspeakers. Your room might pair well w/the SP 2/3s or SP 1/2s. They will compel you to listen -- and keep listening.