Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium

Looking to upgrade from paradigm sigs8v2. Willing to buy new or used.  My room is 12x16x8 ft. Looking for floor standers. Trying to get away from beryllium in case of kids accidentally damage them.

Sanders Sound. Makes one product. Midpoint of your budget.
Nothing comes close. Read up on Roger Sanders.


 speakers and amps are some of the best in the industry!!!!

 Roger Sanders sound systems.  He is one of the inventors of the panel speakers.  
Or the one to make them worthy!
his Magtech amplifier are the ones to actually drive those MBL Radiostrahler monsters.
Try one of EgglestonWorks speakers - New or used.  I have the Rosa. Bought it used.  Amazing for a room about the same size as yours.
Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene. Amazing speakers, amazing. 
Revel Salon 2 or Studio 2, Usher x-tower or BE-10 or BE-20