Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium

Looking to upgrade from paradigm sigs8v2. Willing to buy new or used.  My room is 12x16x8 ft. Looking for floor standers. Trying to get away from beryllium in case of kids accidentally damage them.

What is the problem you have with beryllium drivers?  Beryllium is toxic as a salt or oxide; the metallic form in the drivers is not a big concern as far as safety.  In the manufacturing process, the metallic form is dangerous because of the manufacturing process.   
They are easy to break, and if you buy the tweeters alone they come with health/safety warnings.

OP: How about Legacy?
Sound Labs Ultimate 545's. 
Verity Amadis S or Audio Physic Cardeas 30
@larryi Just not interested in having them near me. Don't want to always be thinking oh I hope they don't break or someone doesn't poke them. Since there are so many other great speakers why bother? I am not telling everyone to shy away but its just my personal preference.
@erik_squires  legacy is a good point definitely worth [email protected]: I prefer dynamics just for how much more rugged/durable they are and the dynamic sound.
@infection  Will look into those thanks.
You can get a new pair of YG Acoustics Vantage for at the top of your budget. Perfect fit for your room.
Spatial Audio X2 is a well reviewed (Absolute Sound recently)dipole speaker and uses an AMT Tweeter for about $9k. I have their M3 triode masters and they’re great sounding speaker and well engineered to reduce room interaction and produce a coherent sound image. Plus they look cool. 
Sanders Sound. Makes one product. Midpoint of your budget.
Nothing comes close. Read up on Roger Sanders.


 speakers and amps are some of the best in the industry!!!!

 Roger Sanders sound systems.  He is one of the inventors of the panel speakers.  
Or the one to make them worthy!
his Magtech amplifier are the ones to actually drive those MBL Radiostrahler monsters.
Try one of EgglestonWorks speakers - New or used.  I have the Rosa. Bought it used.  Amazing for a room about the same size as yours.
Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene. Amazing speakers, amazing. 
Revel Salon 2 or Studio 2, Usher x-tower or BE-10 or BE-20
PAP Trio’s, will need less room treatments than a box, wall of sound, high efficiency. Lots to like.
 Best. Dave H 
@smodtactical Perhaps you could list your amp and source? That might help focus the recommendations.  Rugged, dnamic box speakers helps some, but there are still a *lot* of options out there in that price range.

Also, new or used price range?  I'd personally be tempted to try used big tannoys or classic audio, but I err on the side of sensitivities in the mid-90s.
Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT. Hard to top even though cost of pair will land in the bottom half of your range. Dynamic, lifelike sound with excellent imaging.
In that price range - there is little, if any, that can match the sound of the Legacy Audio Aeris - the Focus SE's are close (both with AMT tweeters).

The only ones that might be better are those from GT Audio Works - superb (planar drivers and ribbon tweeters). 

Few speakers at any price can match these.

You can't go wrong with ATC speakers.ATC SCM50 Passive, Music Direct
ATC SCM ASLT Active, Music Direct
or used at Reverb ATC SCM50 ASL Powered Studio Speakers in Rare Finish | Reverb
+1 for Joseph Audio Perspective2.  Show after show, JAudio has the most lifelike sound without edginess..  I'd just listen to some average recordings to make sure those also sound good.
B&W 800D3. 12 inch woofers with diamond tweeters (with protective screens). I've never heard the Joseph Audio's but people RAVE about them. Lastly, Volti Audio horn speakers -Like Klipsch but built by fanatics.
Let us know what you go with...
@smodtactical I see you are still on the hunt for speakers. Last year, we spoke of the Yamaha NS 5000 and your audition at Kennedy HiFi and also the Personas. I may still get the Persona 9H for another room but in the next few months I will be putting some cash down on the Yamaha.

That speaker finally came to the USA and it was available at a local dealer for me to demo.  Your comments on the NS 5000 helped me make the effort to do an inconvenient drive and have a listen.  It was a crappy demo room but I could hear the potential in the speaker. I may do a home demo to confirm my feelings or maybe just get it without the home demo.

Thanks for the correspondence on this.
Buy some tannoys
Legacy or prestige series...you will never go back to anything else, lifetime speakers. Oldest speaker manufacturer in the world.
You should check out Scaena before deciding.
Peter Breuninger has been reviewing the world's best audio gear for many decades, and recently he reviewed a $15,000 speaker that he says is a "breakthrough" speaker and the best he's heard.  You can see his review here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma7dvPyr5T0 

I contacted the Chicago dealer today, and he said they offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  
Go to sanders sound website, and speak directly with the designer/owner
 you will pleasantly surprised at how honest, and knowledgeable Roger is.

  He has a 30:day in home trial, if your not satisfied (YOU WILL BE ASTONISHED) send the back.

 He is one of the premier designers/owners/inventors of the Sanders sound speakers and amps.
the Sanders Magtech amp (stereo) or his brute force Monoblocs will satisfy your every need, there is not any speaker the Magtech will succumb to,
a little pricey, but they are truly world class.

invesigate his website and reviews.

 The amps will drive even the most demanding speaker.

 Read the MBL sanders review,
even a Carver sunfire was partially owned by the MBL radiostrhaler monolith speakers.

as soon as I get the scratch, I’m going full Sanders sound audio,
they are that good!

Wilson yevettes or a pair of used sasha daw.

I know that you are trying to stay away from BE. If you are willing I highly recommend Magico S1mk2 or s3mk2 as well as rockport atria2.
Ilumnia Magister and - Vocalis.
Vandersteen Quatro Wood, Monitor Audio Platinum 300 II or 500 II, used Wilsons, ProAc K6, etc. 
smod! There is no dynamic loudspeaker as tough and durable as the Sound Labs. Literally you can not blow them up and they can go VERY loud. They are also harder to hurt physically than dynamics. Your 3 year old can kick them all he wants. He'll break his foot before he hurts the speaker. Quads were very fragile and gave ESLs a bad rep. There is no and I mean no dynamic loudspeaker that can come close to matching the Sound Labs for shear accuracy. Distortion is an order of magnitude lower and there is no cross over to screw up phase relationships. Room acoustics are much less of a problem because Sound Labs are dipoles so they do not radiate sound to the sides, up or down. There are much fewer loud early reflections. Don't believe me. Read the reviews. Ask Atmasphere and Audiokinesis. If you add subwoofers down the line you will easily hit 110 dB. They are right in your price range. Once you hear them you will never look back. You will die laughing at people who spend $250 K on Wilson's.  
It would be good to know what you like to listen to. My room is close in size to yours and my Peak Consult Princess Signatures running off a Line Magnetic 508ia are spectacular for the jazz and chamber music I prefer. Blew the Joseph Audio away. But for symphonic and real rock, the system weakens. 
I would recommend Soundlab speakers
Most 30K speakers are huge by comparison (think room dividers) and are very heavy. Shipping costs are many hundreds of dollars, and likely will require help to unbox and set them up

Also it sounds like this is a shared room. Many uber high end speakers need to be well out from the front wall (~ 6ft+), so just keep those things in mind when deciding what to buy

It is not clear whether you are doing a wide-ranging search from scratch, or whether you have narrowed your interest to a certain type of speaker or type of sound.  Are there other none sonic requirements, such as those dictated by limited options on placement of the speaker, no top heavy models that might be a danger to children, size of speaker, etc.  Also, success with certain speakers require particular types of amplifiers, so it would help to know what you have and whether or not changing amps is a possibility.

The following list offers a wide array of speaker types and sound, but, I like them even though few of them actually fit my ideal:

Panel speakers:

Magneplanars--any model in your price range and tolerance for size will deliver room-filling, realistically scaled soundscape.

Sanders Sound (electrostatic/dynamic hybrids that deliver a lot of dynamic punch.

Soundlab-great electrostatic speakers, but they are huge in size.

Conventional Dynamic speakers

Any Audio Note model in your price range.  If it is desirable to have the speakers in the corners, Audio Note speakers are designed for that placement.  They are in the very warm and musical sounding camp, not the lean and "detailed" sounding camp, but, unlike some other warm speakers, they don't sound sluggish.  

DeVore Orangutans -- in the warm and mellow camp.

YG Acoustic Carmel-- very much NOT in the warm and mellow camp, but, with the right electronics, they deliver the goods--very good with instrumental timbre.

Vandersteen Quattro -- kind of a Goldilocks speaker -- not too lean and analytical, not too warm.

SoundKaos 42 -- a two-way speaker that utilizes a full/extended range driver with a ribbon tweeter on top. A very musical sounding system.

Unconventional Speakers:

Charney Audio -- Shockingly good for the money single driver speakers.  This is the only implementation of a single driver that I thought did not have problem areas that made them ultimately unacceptable even though the dynamics and liveliness of this type of speaker is incredibly appealing.  They don't deliver really deep bass, but, everything else is done quite well.  The sound depends on the choice of driver--I personally like the AER driver.

Custom Design:

Deja Vu Audio -- Deja Vu Audio is a Washington DC area audio dealer that also makes its own electronics (all tube) and speakers.  $30 k is at the bottom of the custom-built range, but even the bottom is really quite good.  Most speakers are made utilizing vintage drivers, typically a large dynamic woofer, a compression/horn midrange, and dome tweeters.  

+1 for Audio Physic... Where are you located?
A lot of good suggestions.  Not knowing your musical and listening preferences or your associated equipment, I'd suggest Vandersteens as a general suggestion (Quattros or perhaps even a used Model 5A), and one no one has mentioned are Nola speakers--their Metro Gold References should work well in your room, especially good with tube amplification.  But they have ribbon tweeters, not sure if you want the kids poking their fingers around those.
Go to your dealer and get a pair of Maggies. Take them home and listen to them (your dealer will set them up for you.)

If your gear is not top notch, you will probably not like what you hear on the Maggies. This is the sound of the GEAR, not the speakers.

If you don’t care for them, it really does not matter what speaker you buy. It will be a box or electrostat and distort and cause listening fatigue.
You may also find that most all "better" speakers today are about 6' high.  Wonder where they got that idea???

Remember that your room is the most important part of your system, so work with your dealer to make sure it is at optimum listening quality.

Most of all, enjoy the MUSIC. That is what this is all about.


Definitely check out the Revel Ultima Salon-2.

They do everything perfectly.

I've been an audiophile for 50 years.
I started a what's the best speaker for around $10k used thread and got as many answers as there are speakers too. In this price range I should have worded my question " what $10 k speakers go with xxx components. good luck.
Purchased a pair of Legacy Whisper last spring and love them.

I listened to both the Whisper and the Aeris, and liked the Whisper better for 2 channel audio. The Aeris probably had the edge for Theater (which my setup is dual purpose), but 2 channel is my priority.
All of these suggestions are beyond the reach of the “common man”. Why don’t you grab a pair of Forte III’s and call it a day. 
That's a huge price range.  That's like saying I am looking for a car between and Chevrolet and a Mercedes.  Which one would be best.

If you choose soft dome tweeter, they could destroy much easier than beryllium.  Ribbon would also be as fragile.

How old are your children?  Perhaps build a chicken wire fence around them or wait until they get older.
Hope this is a fun process for you.  I second the idea to narrow your options based on what your room is used for--and kid-friendliness.  Another consideration is the kind of look you want--in other words, do they dominate the space or do they also fit in with what else is around.  And, simply, do you like the way they look?  

If I were buying a speaker for your size of room, at your budget and assuming it's also used for other things, I'd buy the Harbeth 40.2s.  But that's just me--there are many good choices depending on what you like and the needs of your family.
I like the Sanders, Vandersteen, Legacy, Cube Audio, recommendations. All great, all different.

Also check into Genesis Audio, Maestro at the top of your price range.
Also check into Genesis Audio, Maestro at the top of your price range.

And check out the Focal Kanta 3 at the bottom ($13,000) of your range.

Really detailed and dynamic...


They use Beryllium!
Used Wilson Yvettes will sell for 15-18k and satisfy in every way imo. I believe that’s it’s the best ‘value’ Wilson ever made and the most attractive. FWIW
 ((( My room is 12x16x8 ft. Looking for floor standers.)))
With a multiple of 2 and close to a square room, I would suggest going asymmetrical. Then you can easily deal with the uneven bass response the room dealt you with the Analog Room compensation adjustments of the Vandersteen Kento or Quatro as the solid performance solution. Best, JohnnyR

My short list in that $ range would be: Vandersteen Quatro CT; Joseph Perspective; Vivid Kaya 45 or B1 Decade.
Larry, The Sound Labs Ultimate 545's are not that large at all. Yes the 845s are huge but the 545's are quite reasonable and the sound very much like the big ones just not quite as efficient. 
Guys thanks so much for all the thought provoking suggestions.

Some more details about My listening or that I listen to a variety of genres of music including jazz come, classical, ambient, techno and folk/Celtic/medieval music.

Right now my system consists of a audio HD he9 preamp, denafrips terminator dac, dual bryston 4bsst2 amps.

The most intriguing speakers to me right now Are the YG, Joseph perspective, vandersteen, legacy, And the Yamaha and nS 5000. I am located in Ontario Canada so most of these speakers are not available for audition. I am also open to some of the panel speakers you guys are recommending and will look into them.