Speaker recommendation to match Prima Luna amp?

Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I am considering the Prima Luna (either amp at 40wpc, or preamp at 35wpc) and I'd like to know what my audio brothers and sisters would consider to be a great speaker to match. Needless to say, good sonics, timber and soundstage are most desirable.
My system is: Music Hall ttable, Meridian CD, BAT 3i pre, Aragon 4004 mkII amp and Avalon Eclipse (originals, not classics). I once borrowed a pair of BAT VK60 monos and I loved the tube sound- sweet, glorious midrange, smooth highs, bass was good. Room is 24X13X8', normal furnishing, no audio treatments. I listen to lots of vinyl and CD (60/40%), rock, jazz, bluegrass, world and a little classical.
I doubt that the mentioned Prima Luna would drive the power hungry Avalons, that is why I seek your advise.
My reasons for considering the Prima Lunas are: longing for that tube sound, price for new amp is reasonable, warranty.

Thanks, happy listening!
Hello Oregon:

I have matched the Prima Luna Prologue Two with Omega Super 3 monitors (95 db sensitivity); NHT SB2 moniors (85db sensitivity); and Acoustic Research 302 full range speakers (85db sensitivity) and have been satisfied with all 3 pairings. In fact, I feel that the Prima Luna has brought each speaker up a notch or so in performance. I am also using a Prima Luna Prologue Five with Acoustic Research 302 speakers in my main system and the room size is a bit bigger than your room. The speakers play loud enough, but not at Woodstock levels. I live in an apartment and will only play the system so loud ... but there is power to spare. As you can see though, I am happily using the Prima Lunas with both high efficiency and power hungry speakers.

I would wait and see how the Prima Luna matches up with your Avalons before buying more speakers. At the time that I purchased, Kevin Deal (Upscale Audio) used to run a deal with the Prima Luna and the Opera line of speakers that seemed very good. You may want to see if that deal is still on.

Regards, Rich
Thanks for your response. It looks like there aren't many PL owners out there. I will wait and see if the monoblocks are a good match for the Avalons. The monos will out in a month or so.
Enjoy, Michael
Hi Michael:

Actually there are a fair number of PL owners out there. Audiogon members, Newbee, Kehut, Jh2os, Tpsonic are PL owners to name a few. You may wish to look up their systems and/or email them and see what they think.

Regards, Rich