Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)

The aim of this thread is to create a list of speakers that people enjoy and recommend and to organise the speakers into a list based on their MSRP. Please recommend speakers that you have personally heard or own and enjoy. I will add the names of the users who recommend a speaker next to the speaker name (and if someone already recommended the speaker you had in mind please feel free to recommend it again because I will add your name as well).

Please feel free to include gear that was used to listen to your recommendation and some impressions (although you do not have to).

This list may be useful to new buyers to get a general sense of popular models to help guide what to audition during the purchase process.

[Under $1000]




Pardigm Persona 9H @smodtactical


Magico M2 @smodtactical



[Over $200,000]
I love my Maggie 1.7i for $2100. Add the Maggie bass panel - DWM- for $800 more and they are amazing. Please note you need plenty of power to drive these speakers. 
Since everyones taste is different this list will keep expanding until it encompasses most every speaker of reasonable performance made.
Not sure how useful this will be to anyone(?).
Tom8999- I could not agree more. Amazing sound for the money, if they match your taste in music and you have good quality power.
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I need another 2 weeks for my list dude!!