Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)

The aim of this thread is to create a list of speakers that people enjoy and recommend and to organise the speakers into a list based on their MSRP. Please recommend speakers that you have personally heard or own and enjoy. I will add the names of the users who recommend a speaker next to the speaker name (and if someone already recommended the speaker you had in mind please feel free to recommend it again because I will add your name as well).

Please feel free to include gear that was used to listen to your recommendation and some impressions (although you do not have to).

This list may be useful to new buyers to get a general sense of popular models to help guide what to audition during the purchase process.

[Under $1000]




Pardigm Persona 9H @smodtactical


Magico M2 @smodtactical



[Over $200,000]

I will only respond to what I've owned. With that, I've owned;

Focal Chorus 710's

B&W 702's (Original Series)

Sonus Faber Venere 2.5's

And Now, Sonus Faber Sonetto V's.

I have enjoyed all of them, but have progressed upward as money allows. In the $1K to $5K category, you just can't imagine how good the

Sonetto V's are. SF has built an addition to their Italian Factory just to produce the Sonettos. They have modeled the tweeter after the Olympica's tweeter, have reconstructed the midrange from the Venere line, and have built an entirely new woofer of aluminum. The highs are remarkable with the damped design from trusted, tried and true more costly models, the midrange is unbelievable with male and particularly female voices, and the base response is incredible with the fast response aluminum drivers and the downward firing port. My brother-in-law owns Vandersteen Treos and he loves the Sonettos. The Sonetto V's compare easily to considerably more costly speakers, and for the money, simply can't be beat. They are an outstanding value for the money. Highly recommended in $1K to $5K range.

[Under $1000]
Dali Oberon series: @audiotroy
Kef Q 550: @audiotroy
Kef Q 750: @audiotroy
Quad S1: @audiotroy
Audioengine 2: @kacomess
Buchart S400: @mrdon
Mark Audio Sota CestiB: @dseltz
Wharfedale diamond 225: @audioguy85
Omega Super 3i Monitors: @melvinjames
Large advents: @helomech

Tekton Pendragons: @technick
Quad S4: @audiotroy
Quad S5: @audiotroy
Quad Z3: @audiotroy
Quad Z4: @audiotroy
Kef R 5: @audiotroy
Kef R 7: @audiotroy
Revel F208: @hemi04
Dynaudio Special 40: @bwaterme, @manorsessions
Harbeth C7es3: @biscorbit
Magnepan LRS: @kacomess
Vandersteen 2C: @kacomess
Emerald physiscs KCII: @tweak1
Paradigm Prestige 15B, 75F, 85F, 95F: @mtdining
Revel Performa 3 M106: @plinytheelder
Watkins Stereo Generation 4: @lightin
Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend: @jmarini2
Sonus Faber Sonetto V: @lradder7

Golden Ear Tritron 1R: @audiotroy
Dali Rubicon 6: @audiotroy
Dali Rubicon 8: @audiotroy
Legacy Signatures: @audiotroy
Paradigm Persona 3F: @audiotroy
Kef Ref 1: @audiotroy
ATC SCM 19: @audiotroy
SCM 40: @audiotroy
Dynaudio C1 Confidence Platinum: @manorsessions

Pardigm Persona 5F: @audiotroy
Kef Reference 3: @audiotroy
Kef Reference 5: @audiotroy
Dali Epicon 8: @audiotroy
Wilson Sabrina: @mtdining
Kaya 45: @mtdining
Wilson Yvette: @audiotroy, @mtdining
Rethm Saadhana: @dseltz
Dynaudio C4 Confidence Platinum: @manorsessions
Dynaudio Contour 60: @wanderingmoo

Legacy Aeris: @audiotroy
Kef Blades: @audiotroy
Sonus Faber Amati: @pfank12

Pardigm Persona 9H: @smodtactical, @audiotroy
Vimberg (model?): @audiotroy
Wilson DAW: @audiotroy, @mtdining
Egglestonworks Vigniti: @liamowen

Magico M2: @smodtactical
Dynaudio Evidence Platinum: @manorsessions
Wilson Alexxia 2: @mtdining


Wilson Alexia: @audiotroy, @mtdining

[Over $200,000]
Kharma (which model?): @audiotroy
Wilson WAMM: @mtdining

KEF LS50 $1500 with lots of power and a sub
harbeth super HL5 5-10k