Speaker recommendation for use with a Mac ma6600

I thought I might like a pair of the Revel F30's but have been told not enough power. Thoughts or other suggestions? Would like to keep price no higher than $2000. Thanks
I have a pair of Proac Supertowers that I'm selling in teak. I actually had them running on that same integrated for a spell and it sounded great. It was in a very large room (open air condo) and it filled it with a great soundstage and imaging that Proac is noted for. The bass went down to a realistic 30hz in that room as it was so open you could get down that low. I changed over to complete Quicksilver separates that were upgraded in many ways by the dealer himself as we were friends. The sound was different. I was able to sell the MAC and made a profit and I got the Quicks for a very very fair price, so the wife (at the time) and I decided it made sense as we had a kid on the way and the extra money was needed. Not sure if you have interest, but if you like the Revels, you'd probably like the Proacs as they are as open as you can get, but they still convey the emotion of the music. They literally disappear better than most speakers.

You will have a lot of options in your price range. The Supertowers are the same hight as the F30's, but a lot slimmer. I was the first and only owner of them. They aren't as high as 2k, lol, but I've had them up against some very expensive speakers and for my ear they blew most out of the water as I love imaging and staging along with legit bass and not distorted bass, lol. Just let me know if there is any interest. I wish you luck. What type of music and what size room do you have? What is your source??? Thanks.
I can't imagine your amp not being able to drive the Revels. But if that's the case, maybe look at a pair of Vandersteen Model 2's. I like them much better than the Revels. I put the Model 1's next to some Revels that cost about 2x's what the 1's cost, and thought they were better. The 2's are in a completely different league. But you still need to listen to them first. Just because they're my favourite speaker doesn't mean they'll be yours. The ProAc's that Ctsooner mentions are also very nice, as is Monitor Audio. MA makes some great speakers under 2k.
Who told you the Mac wouldn't be enough? Come on, 200 wpc isn't enough! Maybe that info came from someone with a hearing disability!!! Personally I was never able to make the meters on my Mac 6900 go past 20-25 wpc.I think it would surprise a lot of people just how little power they're actually using.

If you like the Revels, buy them. It's your ears and eyes that have to be happy. I've had Vandy 2ci's and the combo with the Mac was too laid back and I can't listen to a speaker that has flat response across 2k-4500hz. I need it recessed about 4 or 5 decibels in that region.
Like I said and like Z has posted, you have a lot of choices. With that amp, the Proacs and Vandy's may be your best bet. Dollar for dollar on the used market you usually get a bit better value. The only thing I'd say about the Vandy 2's is that you should get a model that is within the last few years if you can find them. They will be more than my Proacs at that point, but they will sound better than the older Vandy's in my opinion.