Speaker recommendation for Rega Mira

My father has caught the audiophile bug and I'm trying to help him with speakers. He has a Rotel 970 CD player (modified), a Rega Mira integrated, Kimber Hero and 8tc cables. His room is an odd size with a good deal of open air. He listens to Blues, Jazz, and Vocals mostly and enjoys a large soundstage. He'll take detail over bass extension anytime. He is definitely staying under $5k and would prefer to spend a good deal less (under2k). Any recommendations for a good match with the Rega would be appreciated.
Meadowlark Shearwater or Kestrels. I've heard the Mira with both, and it did a great job. Give them a listen.
I'm using my Mira with Paradigm Studio 20 V2 and it sounds great, so I'd recommend anything in the Paradigm ref series.
How about B&W CDM 1 nt or DM 602 series 3?
Going with the older Totem Sttaf.
Talon Audio Khites, very detailed and musical. They are also relatively easy to set-up, as they have no rear ports.
Don't overlook the Rega Jura speakers. They match well with Mira and are quite revealing with good soundstaging. At the price (often $700 or less new), they are a great value. I think they'd suit your father's muscial taste well.
At $2k, favoring soundstage and detail over extension, and with good quality power, but not a lot of it, my vote is for monitors and really good stands (4 pillars, filled): ProAc Response 1sc; Joseph Audio RM7si; Aerial Model 5; maybe the Revel 20, but I've never heard it. Any of these choices will also stand up really well to future upgrades in source and power.
I had a Rega Mira paired with N.E.A.R. 50Me II loudspeakers. Very nice combination. Soundstage is a REAL strength of the N.E.A.R.s. I modified mine with Marigo dots and driver bands which I highly recommend. They allowed more detail to come through and provided a weightier more palpable sound.
i have a Rega Mira 1 with Dynaudio Audience 60 speakers and so far so good. Incredible soundstage,dynamics and detail!
i recommend this setup to anyone!
Creek CD43
Van den Hul The First interconects
Qed 25th Aniv. Speaker cable