Speaker recommendation for Pass Labs

My power amp. and preamp are Pass Labs X25 and X1 resp.,listening room size 12ftx14ftx9ft(H), music that I like are rock pop and classical.
Revel Gems are awesome. I was using a Pass Aleph 4, but any would sound wonderful with the Gems.
I would try some of the Proac speakers. I don't know what your budget is so I can't recommend any particular model. I do know they sound great with the type of music you like and they work great in small rooms like yours. If your room was larger I would recommend Vandersteen speakers but they need some room to breath. You might want to give them a listen in your room though to see if you can make them work. Good luck. MERRY CHRISTMAS
I have the aleph 2's w/pass pre. I've tried the pass labs with a couple speakers. To me the best speakers are ones which emphasize fine detail but do not have that much bass.
I found the aleph 2's sounded good, but a little dry with magnepan 1.6's. They sounded a little wimpy wiht vandersteen 3's.
Where the alephs become magical is with a fine detail dynamic speaker like the audio physic virgo, tempo, or avanti (my current speaker). I have also heard them sound terrific with proac's.
I realize that the X series is a little more power oriented, so you may have different results. I would also
check the trade shows to see who is using what with pass labs. Also, just call up the pass labs tech support. They might have some unofficial suggestions.
Wilson Watt/Puppy 5.1's for 6.0's are excellent and the 5.1's are selling at incredible discounts to the original pricing on this site.
Do you have a Magnepan dealer nearby? Your X250 will drive almost any speaker. You might want to try the 3.6r. I sold my 3.3rs & already purchased a pair of Pass Aleph 2s to drive my next speaker purchase - the 3.6r.
(This is definitely not a head-banger speaker)....

I shall be very curius about the result you get with the 250 and the X1 preamp and would like to know what kind of speakers would please you in the end .
would yould mind telling me also the list of speakers you have tried.
do you mind also telling me what kind of speakers cable you've been trying with because I am interested in getting the same electronics . I am looking forword in hearing from you.
Many thanks.
The speaker that I have tried but not connected to Pass Labs are Dynaudio Contour 1.8II, JM Lab Mini Utopia and Sonus Faber Guarneri. That's why I posted here to seek members' recommendation if they have Pass Labs gears. Speaker cable is JPS superconductor+. Thanks
Given yr musical preference, I would start auditioning Audio Physic, JM Lab, Proac & Dynaudio -- in that order. You will probably appreciate a very staccato & fast speaker. Then, it boils down to your ears. As there are many choices of good speakers & your electronics can drive many, you really *must* audition before you invest...
Good luck!
Thanks for the about advices.