Speaker recommendation for media niche.

Hi. I need some advice for speaker placement in the media niche of the family room. The media niche on the short wall of the room is 7.5 feet wide by 8.5 feet high and 2 feet deep. The dimension of the family room is 10' x 15' x 9'. The long wall of the family room has a fireplace. The family room also opens up to a hallway and kitchen 12'x20'x9'.

My concern is having a speaker that will sound too bass dominant when placed in the media niche. I don't plan on placing the speakers up next to the wall but I would like it flush in the niche if possible.

I know that speakers sound different in the store as in your own home. I don't want to keep exchanging speakers till I find one suitable. I'd appreciate any recommendation that you may have from any of your experiences. Thanks.
I am looking at the $2400 price range. Either new or used. Thanks for your help.
Too bass dominent? If you go smaller "sealed" speakers, with limited bass extension, this won't be an issue with "boom". M&K's excellent K7 and K4 satalites are superb for music/movies, very dynamic, focused, and musical/clear, and superbly engineered. They play down to 80hz nicely (so play as "small" anyway), and mate with a well placed sub. Can't loose if you take care with setup here.
Other smaller considerations are smaller Super Zero's, Infinity TSS750's, Polk 7000 series(?), etc. These will require you cross over higher possibly. But the M&K's are solid down to 80.