speaker recommendation for low watt tube amp

hi. budget around 2k. using unison research preludio int tube amp with only 14 watt of power. any speaker recommendation that can suit this amp? cd player is musical fidelity a5
thank you
Are you looking for floorstanding speakers or monitors?

In the former case: Zu Druid Mk4 used. Barely used Druids can be found for USD 2 - 2.5k.

I'm using mine with a Unison S2K of the same wattage. Check whether you can position this speaker freely, though, it seems particularly sensitive to that.

Good luck.
Reference 3A mm deCapo's. Cain&Cain Abby's, you see a lot of them on Agon in virtual systems so you could email those people and ask their opinion.
I think you'll find 14WPC will drive more speakers than expected if you don't mind a bit of digging.

Look for speakers with a benign load (=/>8 ohms) and a relatively flat impedance curve. There are plenty of possibilities at your price point.
Hornshoppe Horns are fantastic speakers which work well with lower powered tubes or solid state and along with Ohm loudspeakers are the best values I have heard in audio today. I guess the fact that both companies sell factory direct only enables them to sell their superior products at such low prices.